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VIDEO: Jimbo Fisher on Florida State's win, Jameis Winston

Fisher seemed pretty happy.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The obvious topic tonight after the game was Jameis Winston, who had the most incredible debut for a freshman quarterback, maybe in the history of college football. At least in recent memory.

Watch Jameis Winston's post-game interview

"It's not about age, it's about habits," Fisher said. "I was very pleased. But it's just one game."

Fisher said that Winston got FSU into the right plays with checks at the line, and got them out of bad plays, and that guys around him also made plays.

Fisher did not have an injury update on guard Tre' Jackson (ankle), running back James Wilder, Jr. (shoulder).

"One of the things I love about [Winston] is that he's very critical of himself," Fisher said. "You get on him, and he responds in a positive way, like 'I'm going to show you,' and he keeps things in perspective. I think that is why he had success tonight -- because he comes to work every day. If he has a bad day, we address it, he fixes it, and we go to work the next."

"I didn't want his first pass to be on third-&-10. I wanted to throw it when the odds were in our favor. The best down to throw on is first down, with play action, or quick game, or whatever it is. And I wanted him to get hit early, so he knew he was in the football game."