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Better sponsorship ideas for the towels Florida State uses to hide its play calls

This just won't do
This just won't do
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As you likely know by now, Florida State almost lost the BCS National Title to Auburn in part because it failed to realize that Auburn was likely stealing its play signals until receiver Kelvin Benjamin yelled over sideline discussion between Jimbo Fisher and Jameis Winston that "Dameyune [Craig] calling [out] all the plays." Craig, of course, coached for Fisher from 2010 to 2012 before leaving for Auburn.

After the point at which ESPN's camera's caught that audio, Florida State went back to the old Jimbo Fisher staple of using towels to shield the play call from the opposing team.  Without knowing FSU's routes, Auburn's secondary, a rather pedestrian unit all season, stopped playing like it had been secretly replaced by the All-America team, and Jameis Winston's yards-per-attempt nearly tripled.

But if you looked at the towels, you saw something rather disturbing: Gatorade. Florida State is sponsored by Powerade, since Florida uses Gatorade. I'm guessing that is what was available, and Gatorade was a game sponsor. The towels Florida State usually uses in home games are sponsored by Muscle Milk.

The use of towels used to be maligned by fans, but this is going to become a thing they embrace, a unique aspect of what Florida State does. It needs better sponsors. FSU can do better than Muscle Milk.

At the very least, FSU could put the Seminole logo on there, or perhaps Jimbo's face. I suggested as much, and our twitter followers responded with some great ideas.

Freaky fast?


Using Jameis Winston's attorney?

Plays? This markets to the college crowd...

Poking fun at oneself is always fun

Or this?

In the end, though, the best idea is really obvious...

Jimbo's youngest son, Ethan, has a rare disease known as fanconi anemia. You should educate yourself about the disease and see what you can do to help out by following their twitter account (@Kidz1stFund).

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