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Florida State football practice report: 8/21

The 'Noles began preparation for their season opener against Oklahoma State.

Kevin C. Cox

Now towards the end of their third week of fall camp, the Florida State Seminoles officially launched preparation for Oklahoma State on Thursday.  It was hot, really hot as the players took to the practice fields. With game preparation starting, the players switch jersey colors. The defense is now in garnet and the offense in white, while it has been the other way around throughout the first few weeks.

The Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, St. Louis Rams and the Oakland Raiders had scouts at practice.

The following players were not dressed out: Ryan Hoefeld, Tyrell Lyons, Markus Eligwe and Matthew Thomas.

Kareem Are took reps as first team left tackle while Cam Erving took reps with centers, and Erving still seemed limited. However, Josue Matias seemed to be back in full force, taking all of his reps at left guard.

Ronald Darby and p.J. Williams were dressed out, but Marquez White and Nick Waisome continued to take those reps at the corner positions. Ryan Green was also dressed out on Thursday, but he also took limited reps. Also, every since the day that Jimbo Fisher announced EJ Levenberry won the job, Reggie Northrup has been taking those reps. It's known that Northrup is great aginst the run, but I anticipate Levenberry will be starting.

The media got a peek at some players that will help make up the scout team, and here are a handful of those: Jeremy Kerr, Brock Ruble, Derrick Kelly, Malique Jackson, Isaiah Jones, J.J. Cosentino, Mavin Saunders, Arthur Williams, Delvin Purifoy, Adam Torres, Kain Daub, Fredrick Jones and Keith Bryant. The freshmen on this list will most likely redshirt based on previous years.

Jimbo Fisher will speak following Thursday's practice.