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Florida State football Nolecast: Lessons after beating Miami again

Seven straight!

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Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with another episode of The Nolecast, FSU’s No. 1 podcast. FSU has defeated Miami seven times in a row, the longest streak in the series. Jimbo Fisher has brought FSU from a 23-31 deficit in the series to just a 30-31 deficit.

Just how good is Florida State’s defense after a strong performance against Miami? Are the issues fixed? How much of what Florida State did can actually carry over to subsequent games?

Why did Jimbo Fisher have to force FSU’s players to sign a promise to play hard? How does the culture get so bad where that’s necessary? And did it really work, or did the team just play hard because the opponent was Miami?

Why didn’t the offense score more than 20 points or more than 5.4 yards/play? Just how good is this offense?

After, we take listener questions concerning a number of topics on FSU.

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