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Clemson opens as 3-point favorite at Florida State

Discussion of the FSU line and of other ACC games.

Clemson at Florida State is the 8 p.m. ABC primetime game this weekend in Tallahassee, Florida. And Vegas thinks it will be a very tight contest, opening Clemson as a favorite of just three points.

It’s important to note that early lines are incredibly soft and volatile, with small bet amounts able to move them early in the week, before bet size limit amounts are raised up closet to kickoff.

Still, early action is on Clemson with the trend looking like the line will quickly rise. Some small books have already moved to 3.5.

Clemson is undefeated on the season, including a win over a Louisville team that beat FSU by 43 points. Florida State is 5-2 on the year, with the aforementioned Louisville loss and a loss to North Carolina.

The game was expected to have significance in the national and conference race, but FSU did not hold up its end of the preseason bargain, and even if Clemson loses, it is still going to be the conference favorite by virtue of its tiebreaker with Louisville.

Checking in on FSU’s opponents ...

Ole Miss is an underdog of a field goal hosting Auburn. The Rebels lost in Week 8 at LSU.

There is no line as of yet on Navy at South Florida, presumably due to an injury.

Louisville is favored by 28 points at Virginia, fresh off dominating N.C. State.

North Carolina is on a bye, as are Boston College, Syracuse and N.C. State.

Miami is an underdog of one point at a dreadful Notre Dame team.

Wake Forest is favored by a touchdown over Army.

Florida is favored by six over Georgia.