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Poor coordination and shocking stats after FSU’s Miami loss

The No. 1 FSU podcast sees some signs of progress, but not enough.

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NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return for another episode of The Nolecast. Florida State is now 1-3, and it is time to discuss what went wrong, and what went right against Miami. This is one of our better episodes. You can listen to the episode on the player below the article, or by clicking this direct link.

First, though, several fans questioned what we would like Jimbo Fisher to say, after we criticized him for some recent comments. We offer alternatives to some of his statements.

After that, we talk defense. Florida State’s defense is loaded with talent, and unlike the offense, mostly healthy. It should be held to the highest of standards. And it is simply not meeting those standards. Players are abandoning their techniques and assignments, especially in crunch time, which is indicative of poor coaching, teaching, and coordination. The final play is discussed, as are the final two drives. The defensive linemen and their coaches have every right to be angry with those responsible for coaching the back seven.

Offense talk comes next. James Blackman was pretty poor early, but much better late. Should Florida State have given him more than just straight dropbacks early in the game? How in the world did the offense score just three points? How did each offensive position perform?

We finish with some chatter about recruiting, and FSU’s new pickup in Houston Griffith, from IMG Academy.

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