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Florida State’s halftime lead at Duke is biggest this season

FSU has its largest halftime lead of the season.

Miami v Florida State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

With things looking up for the FSU offense, it was immediately hit for a delay of game penalty before it ran its first play of the second quarter.

With Florida State just outside Duke’s red zone, James Blackman threw a ball well behind Nyqwan Murray, more than likely thinking his route was different, and it resulted in an interception.

Duke took over at its 15-yard line down 7-0 and got to work. The Blue Devils went 66 yards on 15 plays and were able to add three points to the scoreboard, cutting its deficit to 7-3 with just under nine minutes remaining until the half.

Included on that drive was a fourth down conversion at the FSU 30-yard line. Go figure. It was a complete 180 from the defense that only allowed 12 yards to Duke on that first drive.

Linebacker Adonis Thomas was injured, however it does not appear it is a serious injury as he was seen walking around the sideline afterwards.

After another offensive penalty, a holding call, FSU had a first and 20 it ultimately wasn’t able to convert, forcing a Logan Tyler punt.

Florida State’s defense once again showed weakness with Duke going 49 yards on six plays, however was bailed out by a halfback pass that was tipped, and intercepted by Emmet Rice— The first of his career.

The Seminoles moved the ball back to midfield, and on a third and nine, Blackman would throw a bullet to Nyqwan Murray for a 37-yard catch. Problem is, FSU was called for an ineligible man downfield. The play was brought back and the ’Noles would punt.

FSU had five penalties for 35 yards in the first half, four of those, and 30 yards, while on offense.

In the first half, Duke went 3-6 on third downs and 1-1 on fourth downs while averaging 4.5 yards per play, 5.22 on its last two/three drives.