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FSU running back Jacques Patrick shares brother-like bond with Cam Akers

The junior back talks after his big game vs. Duke.

Florida State v Duke Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

After his big game vs. Duke in which he ran for 98 yards and multiple first downs, Jacques Patrick spoke about the running performance that has excelled over the past two games.

“It’s just how we work in practice. We have a great running back coach. I repeatedly say that becuase he’s a big reason why we have the success we do. Just coming off last week, both of us had big weeks against Miami and it’s probably the hardest week of practice we have had. He’s been hard of us. I appreciate it. It goes a long way. He never lets up on us. You can see out there with the success we have in the run game, we can’t take all the credit because we have guys out there blocking their tails off for us. Vickers, he’s a great fullback for us. He’s made plays when his name is called, especially in the run game. O-Line, they open up the holes, we just have to go out there and find them.

Patrick also spoke about his unique bond with true freshman running back Cam Akers.

“That’s my little brother That’s my brother for life. It’s a great thing to see… You see the development from that week to now. That was an amazing thing for me to see. To see that growth in him, he’s going to grow up and be a great player for us for a long time. That’s the biggest thing. When our name is called, we go out there and execute.”

You can watch the full press conference below or by clicking this link:

Jacques Patrick talks his partnership with Cam Akers, Florida State Seminoles Football’s potent ground attack in it’s 17-10 win over Duke.

Posted by on Saturday, October 14, 2017