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Nolecast midseason mailbag: Answering questions from FSU fans

The No. 1 Florida State podcast gives the scoop fans want to know.

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Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return for another episode of The Nolecast. This time, we answer your most pressing questions. These are what we answered, roughly in order. The questions are as sent to us, and not edited for grammar in the interest of time. The show can be listened to on the player below this article, or at this direct link.

  • A first ever… a listener (Charlie) apologized to us? Bud I owe you an apology i was convinced last year that you were putting too much blame on the coaches. but after the team's performances the last 2 weeks added to what happened late in a couple of games last year. you were right. i don't know what happened against alabama but that is the 1st time in a long time this team has performed up to its talent level. i don't know what disappeared after that game but it's a sad state of affairs we are stuck with.
  • Do you think coaching changes will give the Seminoles a recruiting bump?
  • What did you make of the reaction of the defense after plays? Does this defense still have buy-in for these coaches?
  • How in the f*** are FSU’s defenders 10 yards off the ball in short yardage?
  • What did you think of Fisher’s comments about the ACC’s Parity?

"I don't mean this in a bad way, but this ain't the ACC of 20 years ago," Fisher said. ...

"It's not. This has turned into one heck of a football league. I mean a heck of a football league. Coaching, facilities ... I'm telling you, when you start investing people want to come. It builds it up. You pay coaches. The jobs in the ACC used to be guys would come and move jobs. These are becoming destination jobs now. All across the conference. ...

"It's a heck of a league, guys. This ain't the old 40-0 (days). It ain't happening, partner. It ain't happening."

  • Why on earth is FSU favored by a touchdown over Louisville?
  • Do you struggle to watch the defense knowing all the players will be in the NFL and the new staff will be in place next year? I just like watching the offense, and it’s quick!!!
  • Do you think FSU will make a bowl? If so, which one?
  • How many points do you think FSU needs for you to feel comfortable about a win over Louisville?
  • Besides pace of play what can this offense do to score more points? 8 TDs in 6 games is abysmal. Can you write an article about the 2009-2010 offenses for Jimbo to read? He once had to score points to protect his defense. Why not do that all the time...
  • James is a physical freak and no doubt a first round pick but right now is Derwin James _______? A. Underachieving B. The best near big play maker C. Not being put in the right position D. None of the above
  • Jim McElwain is just 5-11 in games when the opponent scores more than 14 points at Florida. Former UF QB Will Grier has thrown 21 touchdowns this year. Florida’s QBs have combined to throw four.
  • If T McFadden is going to be a 1st or 2nd round pick ... it seems as if he’s the “mark” on 3rd downs
  • Which program is in worse shape. FSU, UF, LSU? Which one has an easier road to right the ship.
  • Not sure if you guys are taking questions, but if FSU and Clemson flip coaching staffs, keep rosters what are the respective W/L?
  • Whats best for recruiting: not making a bowl, hiring new coaches to give them time on the trail or finishing like 8-4 and winning Belk Bowl?
  • looking to the future. With Eason likely never playing again at UGA, odds of a transfer to FSU?
  • So quick question. Seeing as how we run what I hear deemed a pro style offense, why did we not go all in on Trevor Lawrence, or did we? Seems like he would have been a better fit for us. Was he always just in love with Clemson or do we feel like this is yet another dropping of the ball? I just feel like he would have been a better investment of time than Fields.
  • Who are three top up and coming defensive coordinators you admire?
  • I was interested to know if you guys think the collapse of meaningful goals will lead to more freshman playing. I know it’s anti-Jimbo Philosophy to do so but I want to see some true Frosh receivers cut their teeth. You guys are great, thanks!