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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show updates/recap: Louisville Week

The rundown of Fisher’s call-in show of the season.

Miami v Florida State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

Florida State Seminoles football head coach Jimbo Fisher, whose team is coming off its second win of the year, held his weekly call-in show live from the Tallahassee Sheridan on Wednesday.

FSU is looking to get back to .500 this weekend when it hosts Louisville. The ’Noles, sitting at 2-3 currently, have not been .500 since the season first began. Last season, the Seminoles were blown out on the road by the Cardinals 63-20.

Fisher didn't really touch on this being a revenge game, but he did say getting two wins in a row for the first time this season would be nice. He also talked about the team’s punt return situation and how to defend Louisville QB and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson.

Here's some notes from the show:

HOW CAN THE FSU DEFENSE TAKE THE ACTION OUT OF "ACTION LAMAR JACKSON": After last year's 43-point loss in Kentucky - the worst of the Jimbo Fisher era - several callers asked tonight how in the world the struggling defense plans to play better against Louisville star quarterback Lamar Jackson this year. Fisher says there are several ways, and gave some hints without giving too much away: "It’s easier said than done. You have to mix up your looks, run 4-man or 3-man blitzes and hit different gaps. Against Lamar, you have to push the pocket, set the edges. You cannot run up the field on him. Got to be very disciplined."

Easier said than done, even if Louisville (4-3) is coming off two straight losses, including a 45-42 stunner at home last week to previously winless ACC cellar dweller Boston College. Jackson accounted for five touchdowns against the Seminoles last year, four rushing and one passing.

CALLER TELLS FISHER TO "GO SEE MORE OF HIS SON'S (HIGH SCHOOL) GAMES:" I've covered 4 of these call-in shows this year, and this was easily the worst, most cringe-worthy moment I've seen so far. This caller starts talking about what a heck of a player Fisher's son Trey is and how he's seen ALL his games as the quarterback at North Florida Christian. The caller then proceeds to tell Fisher that he "should really go see more of his games." Fisher definitely gritted his teeth, before smiling and saying something to the effect of, "I wish I could go to them all. I've been to two. But I wish I could go to more."

Fisher has often talked about how important his time is with his sons these days. Fisher even mentioned that during the team’s three-week game break due to Hurricane Irma and the cancellations of the Miami and Louisiana-Monroe contests, his BEST moments came when he was able to take his boys fishing. I’m not saying this caller was trying to make Fisher feel bad about missing Trey's games -- in fact, I'm pretty sure he was just trying to compliment Fisher's son in some weird, awkward way and didn’t realize he was being rude -- but that's how it played out."

FISHER SAYS MCFADDEN IS STILL TOP PUNT RETURN CHOICE: It's no secret this year's punt returns have not been ideal. The Seminoles are basically averaging five yards a punt return, give or take. Defensive back Tavarus McFadden has fielded all but one punt return this season, and he's not looked good on any of them. A caller asked Fisher if he planned to switch that up and give other guys like Levonta Taylor a shot, and Fisher basically said no. Fisher said McFadden was much better than Levonta Taylor during camp and added that DJ Matthews could still be used, but right now the Seminoles were going to continue rolling with McFadden.

To see the remainder of tonight's Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show comments, read below.