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Nolecast: Florida State vs. Louisville preview

Florida State hosts Louisville in a battle for third place in the Atlantic Division.

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NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The Nolecast returns with another episode of The Nolecast. The Florida State Seminoles host the Louisville Cardinals. Listen to it in the player below the article, or click here. Show notes are as follows.

Louisville’s offense… uh is still really good

  • Petrino is a master playcaller who engineers deep shots with ease, repeatedly. Offense has not changed much despite offseason talk of going more pro-style. One new change is Louisville is throwing it a lot more. Not sure that will continue against FSU, though.
  • Rushing 13th success rate, 13th explosiveness. Lamar, Lamar, Lamar. The running backs like Bonnafon are not that special so far. Louisville helps put its offensive line with angles by running the QB, but could do it more.
  • Passing 18th success rate, 16th explosiveness. Receivers are quite big (6’3, 6’3, 6’2), but not that experienced. They have struggled with drops.
  • Offensive line is worse than FSU’s by a good bit.

How to attack it?

  • Have to make Jackson pause. Cannot present the same look every time. Have to be able to mix man and zone, and bring some surprise pressure. FSU is not good at variety or disguising blitzes.
  • Keeping Jackson in the pocket won’t stop him, but it will limit some of the big plays because he is awesome on scramble drill.
  • Have to make Jackson press and create some turnovers
  • Use Trey Marshall in the box
  • Everyone is healthy, FSU’s defense has got to step up

Louisville’s Defense

  • New coordinator Peter Sirmon has not worked out, bad trade with Mississippi State
  • The personnel is not great
  • Very bend but don’t break
  • 116th in defensive S&P+ efficiency, 44th in explosiveness. Rushing: 107th/22nd. Passing: 110nd/67th
  • Up front, Louisville has three seniors and a lot of length. But they are not disciplined. 128th in Havoc Rate.
  • Linebackers have taken a step back from last year
  • Defensive back: Pretty veteran as well. If Louisville gets Jaire Alexander back, that’s huge

How to attack

  • No Gavin, no Campbell, and limited Tate … scary
  • No idea of Kelly (OL) will play.
  • Tight ends will have to step up and block
  • Run the QB
  • Run the ball, force Louisville to be gap sound
  • Play action

Unknown Factors

  • Louisville’s mindset?
  • Quit factor
  • How much will Cards go back to what they did against FSU?

Will Fisher manage like FSU needs to score 40?