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Nolecast: Feeling for the players being failed by FSU’s coaches

Another loss by Jimbo Fisher’s Seminoles to a lesser-talented team.

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NCAA Football: Louisville at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida State Seminoles lost for the fourth time Saturday, 31-28 to Louisville. Jimbo Fisher’s offense scored just 21 points and he badly mismanaged several key situations, then challenged a fan to “walk your ass down here and say it,” after the fan told him to “get new coaches.”

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After the game, Fisher was asked if considered going for fourth-and-three from the Louisville 27 with 24 minutes left in the game. He said he did not, instead noting that he wanted to take the lead, and that his kicker had made his last 12. In a game against the reigning Heisman Trophy Winner Lamar Jackson, to believe a three-point lead was a) important, or b) likely to hold up is really flawed. “You definitely take the points and take the lead,” Fisher said.

That was just one example of Fisher mismanaging the game, however.

The Micro feels somewhat pointless, when the macro is that the players on the field are extremely athletic, and as recruits were coveted by most every program in the country. They committed to a coaching staff that had won three ACC titles and a national title. But that staff has not done its job, and you have to feel for the players whose trust in the staff has been betrayed.