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Nolecast: Mailbag following Louisville loss

FSU fans have questions, we have a few answers.

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The Nolecast returns with another episode of the mailbag following the Florida State Seminoles’ 2-4 start. Listen to the show in the player below the article, or at this direct link.

-FSU is still a decent team. It’s almost impossible for this much talent not to be, regardless of coaching. It just has a bad record. What we don’t know is if it will stay that way. If you gave FSU, say, Miami’s schedule, it would probably have Miami’s record.

-Jimbo Fisher doubling down on yelling at the fan is a bad look, even if his rationale is OK.

-Fisher is mostly saying the things he has to say about coaching changes.

-Fisher doubling down on bad fourth down decisions, and questioning Petrino’s (correct) decision is concerning, and shows a weird blind spot for a coach who is so strong in so many areas.

Listener questions

These are the questions as sent to us and have not been edited. We received almost 200 questions in two hours before recording, so we tried to pick a representative sample. If your question was not answered, we apologize, and will effort to get to it in a future episode.

-How likely is FSU to make a bowl?

-Is there any chance that Jimbo makes no coaching changes after the season?

-The Texas A&M question(s)

-If you HAD to pick between 2 options: every assistant except Kelly replaced, or only Kelly replaced? What point does it become hard to pick?

-I have heard that Frenchy doesn’t like Blackman and is causing some issues in the locker room, stirring the pot. Have you guys heard anything about this going on?

-Will Jimbo actually make the needed changes or is he like an alcoholic that doesn’t realize he has a problem? What are y’all hearing?

-Question) Does Jimbo’s constant talk about faith in his coaching staff and the players being there to make the play but just needing to find “those inches” concern you that the appropriate staff changes won’t be made following this season? Today he mentioned that the coaching is there and there just needs to be better coaching on 4 or 5 plays. This is concerning to me, wondering what you guys think? PS: whenever I hear anything about inches I want to vomit now.

-With the exception of Odell Haggins and Tim Brewster would you be comfortable if every other coach was replaced?

-Is it possible that having Cook and Winston on the team to erase mistakes stunted Jimbo’s growth as a playcaller & game manager?

-Any suggestion of a libation that will dull the pain of the abject disaster that is this season? Partial to bourbon but open to anything.

-What are the implications of recruiting if Jimbo doesn't evaluate and fire coaches before early signing day? He stated he wouldn't evaluate coaches till season is over. Is this a good or bad decision?

-In a perfect world would it be a benefit to FSU for a humbled Jimbo to integrate a person on the offensive staff that has extensive background in the spread. I was operating under the premise keeping Sanders was a given but am starting to feel a best case go forward scenario is getting someone who can incorporate small amounts of the spread style into Jimbo's core philosophy

-I get it that FSU is essentially handcuffed in forcing Jimbo to do much of anything, but are they willing to pay Charles Kelly's buyout? And will Jimbo even fire him because doing so makes Jimbo basically admit he was wrong in fighting for Kelly extension.

Also, I assume Jimbo likes to win but not making changes is very like late-Bowden years. Do you think he will makes changes at the DC spot and WR coach spot or is he too stubborn and willing to take butt whippings with "loyal" assistants.

Side note: Of course the assistants are loyal. They know nobody else wants their a**, so they're grateful Jimbo keeps them hired.

Thank you for all you guys do with the Nolecast!!

-Is there any chance FSU can hire Mike Bloomgren away from Stanford? He’s from Tallahassee and graduated from FSU.

-1. Other than Charles Kelly, what coaching staff change needs to happen the most?

2. Rick trickett was once considered a top offensive line coach. What happened?

3. Looking into the future, with Francois coming back and Blackman clearly having the better touch and hand talent who do you start next year?

-Do you think Fisher should modify “the process”? Obviously players aren’t buying in and do u think things like ending the social media ban, etc. might help an older staff connect with the players to regain trust?

-First off thanks so much for the great coverage, good insight, and honest analyst. Couple of related questions:

How bad has Jimbo squandered FSU's talent level and opportunity (rivals being down, generational talents like cook & derwin, strength of schedule, etc) since 2013?

Would it be fare to say we should have one more title during this era or at least played for one more?

It seems like we went from potential dynasty to shades of the lost decade overnight. Meanwhile Clemson has passed us and Miami is knocking on the door. I know you have mentioned potential fixes (ie coaches, game management, culture), but is there still time to turn things around?

Walk us off the ledge here please.