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Nolecast: Boston College preview, mailbag

The No. 1 FSU podcast has a quick BD preview and a 30-minute mailbag.

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NCAA Football: Louisville at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with another episode of The Nolecast, the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast. It’s time to preview the Boston College Eagles, but we know most FSU fans want to hit the fast forward button on this season and get to the good stuff, so much of the show is answering questions from fans. Listen in the player below the article, or via the direct link here.

Below are the questions answered In the interest of time, we do not edit these.

-Ballou mentioned Fisher wanted to get rid of coaches last year, but AD didn’t allow this, do you believe this? Do you suspect Fisher has ideas of who to bring on board?

-Do you think that it is likely that Jimbo makes the necessary hiring/firing changes but doesn’t fix his problems(I.e. 4th down math, tempo). What are the ramifications? Would FSU be able to compete for NCs in that condition without 2013 team? As always thanks and keep up the great fact finding and analysis.

--Just how deep do you think the culture issues go? I’ve heard that several players (some starters) regret coming to FSU and have considered transferring…

-Is there a good example of a college head coach "rebuilding" his own top-tier program like Jimbo will be embarking upon following this season where the Noles will likely finish the regular season with a record of 7-5 or thereabouts? My opinion is that once the rot sets in at an elite college program, a complete regime change is ultimately the only path to a return to national prominence.

-Thank you for taking questions. My first question is: at the time of the contract extension and guaranteed 40 million buyout, what was the reason behind such a large sum? I am puzzled that this was even on the table after the losses from last year and seemed that the administration and athletic director should've been more critical of the results he had last year (especially after being so wrong about the team!). Did they make this decision based on overall results up to that point? In hindsight, was this 40 million buyout a bad idea now given that this season is headed toward disaster?

Earlier in the season, Fisher hinted in a press conference that Coach Kelly would stay through the end of the season, so it seemed that maybe there would be a change. Is this still the case? How about other coaches? Do you feel that Fisher is capable of making a turnaround similar to Brian Kelly at Notre Dame? Are you concerned about his capability in light of his talk of "inches," "execution," and his comment to a fan? Do you think that if he sees ticket sales and booster contributions being down, that he will wise up?

-I'm actually not that disappointed with Blackman given how little time he's had with the program and based on the assumption (which could well be wrong) that it's really unusual to progress in any significant way during the course of a season. Am I crazy? Seems to me that after this dumpster fire of a season ends, and assuming Blackman has an offseason in which to get to know the system better and, maybe as importantly, adjust to the speed of the college game (and, hey! maybe gain a pound or two), he could be a pretty dynamic QB, assuming good coaching.

On a side note, as of the Duke game I gave up watching FSU play as I could not justify killing 3 hours of rare "free" time to sit through that kind of performance (Jimbo and crew have to earn their spear with me now), but I definitely did not give up listening to the Nolecast, as you have really done a stellar job this year.

Also, totally unrelated but during Clemson weekend FSU is hosting the mens' collegiate club water polo championships--my son plays for Colorado and if they win their conference this weekend the Buffs will be headed to Tallahassee--in that case I am steering them directly to Madison Social. Anyone who doesn't want to watch the Clemson game could have a lot of fun watching the water polo tournament, just sayin'. Great sport, lotsa nasty hits, and on a club level no good coaching to be seen anywhere.

-I'm pleased that Marvin Wilson continues to get more and more snaps at DT. Given he was the crown jewel of the '17 recruiting class, please assess his performance thus far as well as any insight from your sources on the staff.

-I know Jimbo has really touted the GPS system because it cut way down on soft tissue injuries. My question is this, do you think this has made the Nole softer? Maybe the players bodies/mind have learned that they don't have to push through when they are really fatigued? Not sure if your sources have ever really talked about how they feel about the system, but something I've wondered recently.