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FSU at Boston College: Staff predictions

Boston College v Florida State Photo by Jeff Gammons/Getty Images

Like Dr. Peter Venkman phrophesized in Ghostbusters, “dogs and cats, living together— mass hysteria!” Well here we are in Florida State’s 2017 season, when nothing makes sense anymore either, and there is no Dana—only Zuul. Here are our picks for Florida State’s road matchup with Boston College.

Camille Buxeda:

Will the pain come to an end for Seminoles fans? No, no it won’t.

BC is coming off their first ever back-to-back 40+ point games in the ACC, winning both against Louisville and Virginia. Their offense is finding some momentum, having over 1,000 total yards in both games combined. They got their win over Louisville through a game-winning field goal coming from a forced fumble in the final seconds (sound familiar?).

The Seminoles offensive woes continue. Scoring only 3 touchdowns this past week vs. Louisville and 2 against the Duke Blue Devils. Not only that, but we’re seeing more turnovers by the ’Nole offense lately than TDs and we’ve just lost starting back Jacques Patrick.

Things are going to get worst before they get better, making this another close and painful loss.

Boston College 20, FSU 17

Andrew Miller:

BC will score more points than FSU.

BC: More than X



Building on Shakespeare above: This game...this one might set college football back a few decades. At least it should end up an 8-9 possession game and be over by 10:45pm.

FSU is coming off scoring their most offensive TDs in a game this year (3). BC has scored 10 TDs in its last two games. These are both bad things, friend.

I like our ability to fit interior runs, but their QB has started pulling it for some big gain— a problem you’ll recall we had last game. Er, last year. Okay, a problem.

It’s a Friday night game, so mercifully few recruits will be watching. Offense isn’t getting back who it needs, and the defense is talented but uncoordinated. We’re a special teams fiasco away from a double-digit loss to a team whose head coach is likely to be fired come season’s end. BC 24, FSU 20.

Matt Minnick:

BC plays a physical brand of football. FSU has defensive backs that seem to think “run support” means you run alongside other defenders trying to make a tackle and offer them vocal support.

Add on the fact that this is Boston College’s annual “Red Bandanna” game, where they honor 9/11 hero and alum Welles Crowther, and I think this turns into another ugly grinder for FSU. Unless the Seminoles can get a big special teams play (a Derwin James kick return for a touchdown sure would be nice), I’m afraid the 6-game road winning streak comes to an end.

Boston College 27, FSU 23

Curt Weiler:

How much money could I have made before the season if I bet people that Boston College would have a better record than Florida State when the two teams met in late October?

The Seminoles enter their Friday night matchup against BC without their starting quarterback, starting running back, and with exactly one 100% healthy wide receiver with notable experience. Add in a defense that has significantly underachieved to its talent level and its hard to feel confident in the ‘Noles.

Unless Akers has a career day or the defense plays better than it has all season long, I think a Boston College team peaking at the right time could pull the upset, knocking off a Jimbo Fisher-led FSU team for the first time.

BC 27

FSU 20


On defense, FSU manages to somewhat slowdown BC’s talented running game including freshman stud AJ Dillon (briefly recruited by FSU) while being aided by a couple of forced turnovers.

Cam Akers and the running game put together the performance of the season; Trinidad Terry (Tamorrion Terry) catches one pass for a touchdown. After picking against FSU last week, I’m going to buck the trend here and say that FSU brings home a victory on a nice Friday night in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

FSU 24 BC 21

Dakota Moyer:

I’m currently in bed recovering from a concussion. The dizziness and pain in my head is kind of how I think this game will go: low scoring and ugly on both sides.

Florida State suffered two more season-ending injuries this week between RB Jacques Patrick and WR George Campbell, the former of which was playing very well. Now FSU has a true freshman backfield with Blackman and Akers, and it’ll be interesting (or painful) to see how they hold up.

I’d normally go into more of an in-depth discussion here, but I can’t stare at screens for too long. I don’t have faith in Florida State in this matchup against a Boston College team that seems to have all the momentum in the world.

Boston College 20, Florida State 17

Kyle Griffis:

It’s a red bandanna game for BC on a chilly Friday night in Boston. The Eagles have looked good as of late. They play a physical brand of football on both sides of the ball. FSU plays a physical brand of football on neither side of the ball, and now bruiser Jacques Patrick is out for the rest of the season.

I’ll be watching to see if FSU’s banged-up offense will be able to rely on Cam Akers rushing the ball. I’m looking forward to seeing Amir Rasul carry the rock. Maybe the ’Noles will score their first third-quarter TD of the season against BC. I’m sure Jimbo will run roughly 60 plays from scrimmage, attempt at least two 45-yard+ FGs on 4th and short, and burn important timeouts to avoid delay-of-game penalties because he gets the play call in with 10 seconds on the play clock. Those are all a given.

Any other season, I’d be able to count on FSU’s talent level being able to bail out an ugly win against BC, but if I was a betting man, I’d put my money on the FSU defense giving up another late 4th quarter game-winning TD drive. BC’s two-headed rushing attack also utilizes tempo, which could be a disaster waiting to happen for FSU’s poorly coached defense. I’m certain this one will be low-scoring and close late.

I’ll also save Jimbo some effort and point him to the sorry fans he should yell at after the game:


FSU 23, Boston College 20


Boston College is going to run, run, run the ball. And then when they’ve lulled FSU to sleep, they’re going to hit a play-action pass. Fans will be gnashing their teeth by game’s end. But fear not, FSU will do the same. Cam Akers goes over 100 yards rushing and Amir Rasul shows up in a big way. FSU will hit a late field goal... they have to win at some point... right?

FSU 20

BC 17


I don’t like Boston College. I don’t like their jersey colors. They look similar to FSU’s. That is why I believe FSU wins this game. James Blackman has a tendency to throw to the guys who don’t wear Garnet and Gold. Since everyone will look the same, I think he throws 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions (Izzo, Murray, and Rasul). Akers gets a rushing touchdown but Ricky doinks the PAT, leaving BC with a chance to tie late in the 4th with a kick. They don’t.

FSU 27, Boston College 24


Cutting these games is just plain awful this season, and I don't expect this one to be any different. A physical team in sub-60 degree weather would equal a loss for me, but it's an away a game, which seem to be the only ones FSU knows how to win.

FSU 23 BC 21


Boston College will be playing their annual Red Bandanna game (kudos), and the Eagles will be wearing special helmets, cleats, gloves, and towels that have a red paisley pattern on them. That don’t impress me much because FSU will be going plaid.

Florida State Seminoles 37 - BC 24


It’s difficult to watch FSU’s offense and the defense give up yards in chunks and points at the worst possible times (you know, like the end of the game). FSU has won on the road this year, but that was against the Seminoles’ worst two opponents. Unfortunately for FSU, they travel on a day short of rest against a BC team that has figured out how to play football just in time. The Eagles manhandled the Louisville defense. The ’Noles had one of their worst outings against the same. Now BC is fresh off a beat down of what was then a 5-1 Virginia team. Late in the fourth Quarter, the ’Noles get the lead on a long TD run to go up 16-13. Boston College marches down the field as time expires and, wait for it:

Boston College: 20

Florida State 16

The K-Man:

The more I pour over data, the more this contest snaps into focus. Easy game to pick.

Things in FSU’s Favor:

A) Road Game - FSU has dominated foes on the road when you consider the advanced metric of “milliseconds before Hail Mary falls to turf.” FSU may lead the country here.

2) Boston COLLEGE - While the ’Noles have struggled against all 6 opponents so far, those were superior UNIVERSITIES. A college is one step above a Barnes & Noble.

D) Night kickoff - Vegas glosses over the fact FSU is undefeated in outdoor night games in 2017. But not this shark. Bank it.

Things to FSU’s chagrin:

It’s actually another game. 2017 is no fairy tale.

Florida State: 30 points sans 6

Boston College: 30 points sans 3

David Visser:

Last week, I picked Louisville by the three-point margin that was the difference; I just shorted each team two points in my final score prediction. While torn on that one, I did so based on the logical assessment that until I see some reason to believe otherwise, this disappointing season will continue to spiral downward for FSU.

An energized, emotional BC team will look to stay hot against a more talented Florida State team that is playing to continue its bowl streak and salvage whatever pride it has left. Which won’t be enough.

FSU 23, BC 24

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