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Well-coached teams don’t make as many mistakes as Florida State

The No. 1 Florida State podcast answers questions from the fans.

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NCAA Football: Chick-fil-A Kickoff-Alabama vs Florida State Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with another episode of the Nolecast to to take listener questions following FSU’s embarrassing escape against Wake Forest.

The show begins with a detailed dissection of the offense. What was going on with the offensive line? Was this James Blackman’s “freshman game?” Did Jimbo Fisher use the media to call out Noonie Murray? Were the tight ends even worse at blocking than the offensive line? And how much of FSU’s problems are fixable?

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After a brief discussion about the defense, we turn to listener questions. Several hundred were received, but the show is only 70 minutes, so not all can be answered.

The show can be listened to on the player below this article, or at this direct link.

On your review of Wake @Nolecast your recording can you touch on your thoughts of JF post game locker room speech? Building confidence???

why does jimbo always say "we didn't do it on purpose?"

In your opinion, what level of disaster would have to occur for Jimbo's hand to be forced on making staff changes?

Does the S&C program factor into the performance this season also?

Does Jimbo make coaching changes mid season?

Do you think Jimbo needs to hire an official offensive coordinator?

If you could substitute one historical non-QB Nole for any of this year's starters, who would it be?

Since jimbo doesn't have recent experience in making a coaching change, how confident are you this round will be effective?

How large of an impact do you see this year having on recruiting? Will FSU be able to go 8-4 or worse and continue trend of a top 5 class?

What coaches from Miami would you select over the same coach at FSU?

Why does it take us so long to get out of the huddle and have the ball snapped? Plays too long to signal? Offense too complex?

Is Charles Kelly’s job in jeopardy given the suddenly pedestrian performance of the DB’s

Kyle Meyers at the star the rest of the season? It lets Derwin roam the field & make plays

it feels like i'm in the upside down - dabo has assembled a group of certified killers and jimbo is the boy with his finger in the dike.

Why are we not throwing to our TE’s????

Considering everything if Fisher gets a win Saturday, will it be the most impressive win of the Fisher era? Great job as always guys!

Of the terrible coaches on staff, who is the best recruiter? Kelly, Daws, Miller, Trickett?

Beyond Del St, what games can reasonably be labeled gimmes, if any? Do you foresee FSU needing to makeup ULM game for bowl eligibility?

What chances do u realistically give Jimbo on making the necessary staff changes, or are we wasting our time in even thinking about it?

Still think mid season staff chgs are a bad idea? Looking like might b only thing that can stop bleeding,Not just from xo stance, all things

What is more likely: FSU runs the table, or FSU misses a bowl?