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Jimbo Fisher doesn't believe in drastic changes

Yet the results must change dramatically.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

In his weekly press conference Jimbo Fisher was asked if drastic changes were needed at FSU...and he answered in the negative. Fisher spoke about how you cannot make drastic changes mid-season, and he’s right. However, the question was expanded to future seasons, and Fisher doubled down. He went on to note that if FSU stopped Miami on its last drive and wins “one of the other games at the end of the game” then FSU’s record would be 4-2 or 5-2, but it would be the same team.

Fisher is right, to a degree. FSU is only 13 points from being 5-2 but they are also 14 points from being 0-7. Claiming that FSU was close in most of its losses is a results-oriented approach, and Fisher knows all too well what happens to coaches who focus on results. When he took over for Bobby Bowden, Fisher’s mantra was to “trust the process” and the wins will come. It’s obvious to most FSU fans that the current process is very broken and minor changes will not fix it.

For the full quote see the 14-minute mark here.