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Nolecast: Is Florida State’s coaching staff torn apart after Boston College?

Trying our best to answer questions from FSU fans.

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NCAA Football: Florida State at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with another episode of The Nolecast, the No 1 Florida State Seminoles show. FSU fans have a lot of questions, and we try to provide answers. Listen in the player below the article, or at this direct link.

But first, we discuss ramifications of the Boston College game and Jimbo Fisher’s latest press conference.

Listener questions

Due to time constraints, we do not edit listener questions.

Thinking for the next 2-4 years would you rather keep Jimbo as coach or go after someone like willie Taggart? I like Jimbo but I don’t see him getting the program back on track to compete for a title.

-Was there a fight between the coaches after the Boston College game?

-Did a coach really have to take a commercial flight back the next day?

-Have coaches already told Jimbo they are resigning?

-Which coaches aren’t speaking to each other?

-Did coaches actually walk out during practice?

-How does the Florida situation impact FSU? Timetable? Battling for coaches? Poaching coaches?

-What is the importance of having a football only facility? Is there some quantifiable benefit to having a football only facility or is this just a situation where coaches just want a shiny new toy? What is the possibility we end up losing two of our dynamo assistant coaches (Tino and Addison)? Any possibility we hire them to be full time coaches? Thanks guys keep up the good work.

-Here is a question for your next mailbag. Hypothetically, if Jimbo does jump to another job (Texas A&M), do you really have confidence that the AD can make a good hire? I don’t with how he handled the contract for Jimbo.

-Did Jimbo consciously hire average coaches after big 2012 turnover to ensure continuity?

-With Jimbo Fisher always talking about the college football arms race, do you think it's wise of him to consider hiring an analytics person to his support staff this offseason? Think this may help him in areas such as better understanding 4th down math. If so, Bud you'd be a perfect fit for the job. Looking forward to your response and Go Noles!

-Bud and Ingram - great podcast product. Love it - hope you won’t quite on us. Got this q for the next mailbag - obvious question but begs to be asked - why can’t JF not get his freshman QB ready to play? Week in and out we see teams with True Fr. (i.e. VT) and showing out. Why the hell is JF trying to boil the damn ocean? Bigger question- Why do we even have a kid whose been on campus less than 5 mos playing? When will JJ “where’s the beer at” going to free up roster spot? And At this point is JF just really playing not to get blown out in every game remaining? As opposed to actually trying to game plan to win?

-A little podcast overlap here. A question for y'all inspired partly by something they discussed recently on PAPN. Anyway. Godfrey recently noted (and I've heard it before) that every AD -- every single one -- has a short list for HC if it came to that. So who do you think would be on Wilcox's? I know things change. I know Jimbo is not likely to leave, all things being equal. I know there could be candidates who wouldn't be foreseeable. But just, right now, who would you think would be on that list he has in his back pocket? Neal Brown? Scott Frost? Fedora (I know, but before this year it wouldn't have seemed ridiculous)? Kiffin?

-I’ve followed FSU closely since ~ 07 and have been a listener of your podcast since 2014 and look forward to each one every week. I have a few questions after watching the BC game. Will Jimbo ever adopt an up-tempo offense? It seems that his offense operates better at a faster, no-huddle pace. I know it’s a small sample size but his 2 minute offense (no-huddle) before the half has gotten points up for them quite a bit. How does he not see that his slow offense isn't working? Will he ever run the QB more? This is embarrassing to watch. Especially when he takes all this pride in calling his own plays. He needs to take a look at some spread offenses like Clemson or even an OK State type of offense and incorporate that into his scheme. It would show the talent gap against most opponents and wouldn’t be as complex as his current system so we could get 4 & 5 star receivers on the field before their junior year. Do you think he’ll bring in a better “co-coordinator” that would incorporate these changes or do you think he FSU won’t have a spread offense under Jimbo? Love your podcast and gave it 5 stars on iTunes. Keep up the good work guys.

-Went to our first game of the season this weekend in Tally. Just wanted to say thank you to our sponsors at MadSo/Township for helping my friends and I forget the sorry excuse of a coaching staff we have in Tallahassee for one night. -- Via Stephen Cline

-Hi guys- Great job on everything you do in covering FSU. You always give it to us straight, which is appreciated. My question (several questions) is….do you think that Jimbo will potentially hire a DC who is LB oriented, or will he be more likely to stay with what he has historically done and pursue a DC who is a secondary coach? Also do you think the extra coaching slot will be used for the offensive side of the ball, or defensive side? Would it be prudent to hire a DC who is just a DC and have actual position coaches specific for each level of the defense?

-If FSU does not make a bowl game, would Fisher be able to begin the fire/hire process sooner? And if so, is that an advantage?

-Just watching the mindset that Georgia's defense plays and how every player on defense wants to destroy anything that moves. When FSU hires a new DC is that something that a new defensive coordinator could bring? Or is Jimbos message and system/process is what yields the teams mindset?

-Love the show - I listen to every episode. Also, I’ve made everyone I know buy Louisiana Hot Sauce. My question is for Bud. Bud - On November 26, 2012, you wrote the following article. Jimbo planned to hand off play calling duties as part of a 5-year plan. Jimbo went on to say he had a 10-year plan. Any thoughts on how this is going? Has anyone mentioned anything about handing off play calling duties in the future? 2017-2012 = 5 years. Thanks again and keep up the great work guys!

-Having 9 assistants in college football, and Jimbo being a hands on offensive guy, it's never made sense to me that he's structured the coaching staff with 5 offensive assistants, and 4 defensive assistants. With changing multiple coaches seeming likely, wouldn't it make more sense to go with 4 offensive assistants and 5 defensive?

-Also assuming Patrick returns for his Sr. year and Cam Ackers more than likely being the feature back moving forward how confident do you all feel about Laborn/and White both sticking around when touches will be minimal going off the history of Jimbo and how he distributes carries?

-I'm growing addicted to the podcasts, in spite of the terrible team results. If SharkMac gets canned, and Jimbo could replace any of our staff with any of the current UF staff, would any Gator coach be an automatic upgrade? If so, how likely would it be for Jimbo to actually pursue these folks?