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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show Recap/Updates: Miami week

Live updates from Jimbo Fisher’s weekly call-in show.

Florida State v Wake Forest Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It’s Miami week so, there was a lot to talk about when Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher held his weekly call-in show from Tallahassee on Wednesday.

Florida State enters the game after coming off its first win of the season, while Miami comes into Saturday’s showdown with a perfect 3-0 record - marking the second straight year the Hurricanes play the in-state rivalry as an unbeaten.

The game was originally supposed to be played Sept. 16, but was postponed until Oct. 7 due to Hurricane Irma. Well, lo and behold, another tropical system - this time “Nate” - is threatening to become a tropical storm, or maybe even a hurricane, before Saturday’s 3:30 p.m. scheduled kickoff. Florida State said Wednesday afternoon it is monitoring the storm, but Fisher wasn’t really asked about it Wednesday night during the show other than how the team prepares in practice to face potentially wet conditions during the game.

Fisher also touched on the use of tight ends in the offensive game plan and how his players handle criticism.

Here’s tonight’s recap:

ENOUGH WITH THE TIGHT END QUESTIONS ALREADY!: Every week that the call-in show has been held this season, Fisher gets the same question (and tonight he actually got it twice): “When are you going to unleash the offensive juggernaut that IS the Florida State tight ends unit?!?” It appears Fisher is growing tired of it, and this week, not only did he reply once again, “Be patient. We are,” he even pointed out that the tight ends had six passes thrown their way against Wake Forest — the most of the three games this year. “We targeted them SIX times last game, but I know you guys don’t realize that. Also, you’ve got to remember, these guys help in protection too when you’re taking negative plays. But we know how to use them (the tight ends), I promise you.” Starting tight end Ryan Izzo is the only tight end on the team with any receptions, and he has three for 46 total yards. And Fisher is darn sure right about needing the tight ends to block — Wake Forest recorded a staggering 17 tackles for loss against the Seminoles in last week’s game.

NO ONE WORRIED ABOUT THE STORM, HUH? OK, THEN ...: Shockingly, not a single question was asked tonight about what Florida State may do about (potentially) Tropical Storm/Hurricane Nate, which - after it strengthens -- is projected to hit North Florida by Saturday. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m., but there has already been some rumblings we’ve heard of moving the start to noon instead. And what would Florida State do if the game was once again forced to be canceled Saturday due to weather? Could it be moved to Friday? Moved to Miami? Would it be made up at the end of the season and the ACC Championship Game postponed? Would it be washed altogether? None of those logistical questions came up Wednesday. Instead, the closest we got to a weather-related question was one caller who wanted to know how Florida State prepared in practice to play in the expected rain. And Fisher said they prepare to play in sloppy conditions every week, and that it’s built into their practice routine. “We do that every week, no matter whether it’s dry or wet or rain is expected. Built into our preparation every week,” Fisher said.

FISHER CALLS SOCIAL MEDIA “POISON” AND “TOXIC:” Look, we know Fisher hates social media. He’s not tweeting. He’s not snapping. He ain’t making no connections on LinkedIn. And if he has a personal Facebook page outside of his fan page, it’s hidden well. So when he was asked tonight about his players handle social media criticism from fans - especially the offensive line, which has been a dart board for insults in the early part of the season - Fisher didn’t hold back. “I don’t read social media. It’s poison. It’s toxic. Let those people frustrate and vent,” he said. “I just tell the guys to ignore it. Because when we’re great, we’re the greatest thing in the world. Truth always lies somewhere in between.” Florida State was one of the first programs in the nation to institute a social media ban during the season, and it’s going on five years now (ever since it worked for the 2013 national title team).

To read more from tonight’s Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show, read through the updates in the comments below.