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Surprising number of empty seats for Florida State vs. Miami

There were noticeable amount of empty seats at Doak.

Florida State vs. Miami had been a sell out before the season had even started. However, due to Hurricane Irma, the game was moved to the teams’ bye week.

With those implications, there are those who already spent a plethora of money on plane tickets and hotels for that original weekend, who understandingly do not want to front the same amount of money for the rescheduled date (which ironically was almost affected by yet another hurricane).

Combine that with the folks who made travel plans or other arrangements to go out of town this weekend, under the assumption that FSU would not be playing, and you get a underwhelming attendance at Doak Campbell Stadium.

It also doesn’t help when Florida State is 1-2 to begin the season.

Back in 2013, the Miami vs. FSU matchup set an attendance record at Doak Campbell with 84,409 in the stands.

An hour before the game, tickets were still on sale at for as low as $18.

Just check out some of the patches of empty seats at kickoff.

Once again, the Champions Club was well under capacity.