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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show updates/recap: Syracuse Week

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Fisher updates statuses on Patrick, Gavin ahead of Syracuse

NCAA Football: Florida State at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State head football coach Jimbo Fisher held his weekly Call-In Show from the Downtown Sheraton in Tallahassee on Wednesday night, taking questions from fans and guests in person ahead of Saturday’s home game against Syracuse.

The ’Noles enter their game vs. the Orange at 2-5 — and winless at home — and are still hoping to win at least three of the final four games to have any possibility of playing in a bowl game. At 5-6, Florida State could apply for a waiver, and if granted, would put them in a bowl game if there are not enough bowl eligible teams to fill all the slots.

There was a report on Wednesday from the Orlando Sentinel that stated starting RB Jacques Patrick, who suffered a knee injury and had already underwent surgery, was hoping to play this weekend against Syracuse, but Fisher said Patrick would NOT play — but did have a much better chance to play next weekend against Clemson.

He also updated the injury status of starting wideout Keith Gavin (ankle), who has been out for almost a month.

Here’s what Fisher had to say about Patrick and Gavin’s availability in the near future, as well as a few other topics ...

JACQUES GOOD TO GO?: Not exactly, said Fisher. He said that during Patrick’s surgery — which was being done to fix an old knee injury — the doctors saw no new damage and ultimately just “had to clean it up a bit.” That being said, Fisher was not going to let Patrick try to play this weekend against Syracuse and that Patrick’s targeted return date would be next week against Clemson. However, Fisher said that when Patrick DOES return, he could be at 100 percent for the first time in a while, adding that they really have no idea how long he’d been dealing with the injury. Fisher added that the surgery was able to give the medical staff a better idea of what Patrick was dealing with — and it wasn’t as serious as originally thought. Still, Patrick is OUT for this weekend against Syracuse, Nole fans and college football fantasy owners.

SO WHAT ABOUT GAVIN?: Some good news on this front for Seminole fans — Gavin was BACK at practice today for the first time since injuring his ankle against Miami in the second half almost a month ago. Fisher said he was “shocked” to see him out there, but that Gavin moved well and seemed to be on the road to recovery. Fisher didn’t comment if he thought Gavin would play this weekend, although it seems unlikely given how bad the ankle injury was and that he just returned to practice 2 12 days before the 12:20 kickoff Saturday against Syracuse. Fisher said he would know more in the morning when Gavin woke up after a day back at it and they “would see how he feels.”

CALLER TAKES SHOT AT TRICKETT, ASSISTANT COACHES: One caller called Florida State’s assistant coaches “old and dusty” and that the players appear to “be laughing at (in particular) coach Rick Trickett.” The caller then wanted to know if there was a plan for an upgrade, and all Fisher responded was: I can guarantee you that nobody is laughing at coach Trickett. Of course, as much as fans would want to see him address his assistants’ future, that was the only question/statement on them all night.

FAN GIVES FISHER NOT ONE, BUT **TWO** CHECKS FOR KIDZ FUND CHARITY: A fan in attendance tonight — who had been to 200 straight games a few years ago and given Fisher a check for $200 to celebrate her milestone — was in a giving mood again Wednesday night. She’s now been to 240 straight games, so to commemorate it, she brought with her a check to give to Fisher for $240. As it turns out, she has friends who had been to 290 straight games and heard about her plans, so they cut her a check for $290 to give to Fisher at the same time. The fan presented Fisher with two checks tonight for his Kidsz Fund charity for a grand total of $530. Been an ugly season, but this was a nice moment.

To read what else was said tonight during Fisher’s Call-In Show, read the comments below.