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Running down history: Cam Akers chasing Dalvin Cook’s FSU freshman rushing record

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Some positive history could be made in an otherwise forgettable season.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Akers didn’t have much of a Saturday to remember in Clemson. He rushed 12 times for just 40 yards, but it still helped him get a bit closer to Florida State history— specifically, Dalvin Cook’s FSU freshman rushing record.

Cook’s 1,008 ground yards is the best among Seminole rookies but may not be for long. Akers now has 736 yards this season, 272 short of Cook’s all-time mark set in 2014. Akers has averaged 81.7 yards per game this season, and catching Cook will mean averaging 90.6 for the rest of the regular season. This is entirely doable, as the ’Noles will host two inferior opponents in Delaware State and Louisiana-Monroe, along with traveling to Florida to take on UF and its suspect run defense.

Of course, if FSU can win those three games, it will be bowl eligible, giving Akers more time to run down Cook. If Florida State makes a bowl, he’ll have four games left to compile rushing yards and would only have to average 68 yards per game.