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Is FSU being favored by a ridiculous amount over Delaware State?

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Place your bets. Or maybe don’t.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

So far this season, Florida State football has scored 30 or more points in a game exactly zero times, which matches the number of occasions on which the Seminoles have beat the point spread. Las Vegas thinks the former streak is coming to an end this weekend against the Delaware State Hornets— prospective gamblers will have to decide if the latter will cease as well.

If it does, it will take quite the drubbing from the ’Noles: as of this publication, they’re favored by 55.5 points against DSU. That’s more than twice as many points as FSU’s offense has produced all season (remember, the 28 points scored against Louisville included a defensive score).

This spread is obviously very much a product of the Hornets being a 2-8 MEAC team. But the question remains: do you trust FSU to get out of its own way enough not only to blow out a team for the first time this season, but to do so by more than half of a 100? Moreover, would you bet on it?