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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show Recap/Updates: Delaware State Week

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Check out the recap from coach Fisher’s weekly call-in show from Tallahassee on Wednesday night

Florida State head football coach Jimbo Fisher and the Seminoles are gearing up for their annual Homecoming game this weekend at Doak Campbell Stadium against FCS foe Delaware State.

To get ready for Saturday’s game, Fisher took calls this evening during his weekly Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show from the Sheraton in Downtown Tallahassee.

There was lots to talk about this week, including the loss to Clemson, the Seminoles needing to win out to get to six wins and secure a bowl game for an FBS-record 36th straight year and — of course — the rumored interest of Texas A&M and/or Tennessee in hiring Fisher away from Florida State.

So let’s jump right in to the juiciest topic of them all ...

CALLER TRIED TO ASK ABOUT TEXAS A&M/TENNESSEE INTEREST, GOT CUT OFF: The screeners for tonight's Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show likely were duped on this one because the moment that question came out of this caller’s mouth, he was gone. Host Gene Deckerhoff groaned and kind of rolled his eyes, and Fisher laughed it off and said, “They’re not calling me (directly)! I’ll tell you that.” Deckerhoff then quickly went to the next caller and transitioned like it never happened. And that call was actually the first of two to get cut off Wednesday — the second one coming when a caller said Florida State’s players were “disgraceful” for celebrating after the targeting call against defensive back Emmett Rice against Clemson. Fisher politely disagreed, saying, “I wouldn’t go that far,” and the call was disconnected.

IS FISHER’S OFFENSE TOO COMPLICATED FOR HIS PLAYERS?: That’s what one of the earliest callers wanted to know this evening. Fisher didn't even let him finish before saying, “No” pretty emphatically, but the caller persisted in asking his entire question. The caller felt like the offensive players, namely true freshman quarterback James Blackman, were having too many issues on the field getting the plays called and he wondered if it could be simplified “since we have an 18-year-old true freshman quarterback.” Fisher said this was the same offense he’d been running for almost his entire career and that it’ effective. He then added, as it relates to this year’s FSU’s team: “Look, we’re playing some inexperienced guys and we’ve got to get them to mesh better. But a lot of it’s confidence. If we had won two or three of those close games, it would’ve changed (some things). Right now, we don’t have that confidence.” Fisher was asked a little while later about what he thought about Blackman’s development, and he said this: “He’s done some tremendous things. Has he made some mistakes? Yes. No doubt. So we’ve tried to find his strengths and play to it. And when he’s gotten knocked down, he’s gotten right back up, so he’s done everything we’ve asked. Also, he’s not 169 pounds any more. He’s about 175.” (That comment brought on some laughter from the audience at the Sheraton). The good news for Florida State fans is that this weekend’s opponent — a 2-8 Delaware State team — should give the Seminoles a chance to iron out any offensive kinks before Florida and then ULM to close the season.

TWO REALLY NICE MOMENTS ON TONIGHT’S SHOW: The first came when a young boy named Trey — my guess is he was about 8 — called in and told coach Fisher how much he loved him and Florida State. Trey then asked innocently enough, “If Florida State beats its final three opponents, will they make a bowl game?” Fisher was all smiles during the entire call and you could tell he enjoyed the young man’s attitude and courage it took to call in. Fisher told him yes, and that the team was “gonna go win all three of those games for you, buddy.” The other neat moment came during the final caller of the show was from a man named Zack from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Zack told coach Fisher off the bat, “You’re a great coach, and I know it’s been a tough season. But I’m a paratrooper by trade, and I just want to tell you I’ve learned to never give up and neither should you.” The comment was great, but Jimbo’s reply may have been better: “Well thank you for that support and God Bless you for what you’ve done for our country.”

Check out the comments below for the rest of tonight’s questions, reactions and updates.