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FSU vs. Delaware State: Staff predictions

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For the first time this year, the question really is: by how much?

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Michigan vs Florida State Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The oddsmakers like Florida State in this one, and by a wide margin. We’re kinda like Vegas bookmakers, except for without the pinkie rings and those crazy-huge glasses De Niro wore at the end of Casino (if you don’t get that reference, you’re probably Andrew Miller). So here goes:


THE SEASON TURNS AROUND RIGHT HERE FOLKS!!! JB1 throws 3 touchdowns, Akers and Rasul combine for 3 more, Aguayo goes 2/2 and the defense forces 3 turnovers and gets in the endzone once, culminating in a satisfying 55-10 victory for FSU!!!!

That would be nice. But honestly, the only thing I’m truly confident about is that the concert after the game will be better attended than the actual game.


Despite not winning much, the young guys out there still look like they’re having fun at times, and that’s nice to see; luckily for all of the homecoming fans in the audience, the Hornets are awful. FSU gets one step closer to bowl eligibility and perhaps Tamorrion Terry scores a touchdown.

FSU 52 DSU 7

Bud Elliott:

Delaware State is one of the worst teams Florida State has ever played, and perhaps the worst. This is a game in which FSU probably doesn’t need to have a cohesive offense or defense, because the physical advantage in individual matchups is so great.

FSU 60, Delaware State 0, unless there is a running clock, in which case... 40-0.

Dakota Moyer:

Probably the game that FSU needed to begin Blackman’s freshman career, not the one to end it. FSU likely coasts by Delaware State with ease and sans injury, meaning they’ll be one step closer to bowl eligibility.

FSU 45, Delaware State 9


Desperately needed laugher; Akers is going to run until he can’t run any more. We know FSU isn’t that good, but we also know DSU is a 2-8 MEAC team. The 3 sacks we’ll allow will still make us sad, though.

FSU 59, DSU 9


I know you’ve been waiting all season for my first prediction: JJ makes his first pass attempt of the year.

Matt Minnick:

It’s sloppier than fans want, especially in the second half. And we still have a mind-numbing timeout. But FSU still easily gets its fourth win of the season.

FSU 48, DSU 10

Andrew Miller:

Florida State will win the game, however I don’t think the ’Noles score as many as others think. While many think FSU can put up 50+, this team has yet to score more than 30 and James Blackman has had recent struggles with his accuracy. Still, the Seminoles win comfortably. (For the record, Casino was an all right movie, nothing special.)

FSU 42

DSU 10

Curt Weiler:

FSU may put up 70. That’s a testament to how bad this Delaware State team is.

Akers runs for three touchdowns and is used very little in the second half, D.J. Matthews returns a punt for a touchdown and Keith Gavin finally catches that elusive first touchdown.

FSU 62



There will be jokes from the uninformed fans about how the ’Noles will struggle with this team. Don’t be one of those fans. Delaware State is bad. Best outcome is backups in by the 3rd quarter and lots of burn for young players. Everyone stay healthy for the Gators the week after. We will probably get to see backup QBs play. A lot.

FSU 65

Delaware State 10

David Visser:

Blowouts are these games in which one team beats another so badly that the only real question is the ultimate margin of victory. FSU fans may or may not recall this, but believe it or not, they happen every weekend, and not always with Boston College on top. This Saturday, it’s the Seminoles’ turn to smack someone, on Homecoming.

The ’Noles will finally be able to have some fun on the football field again, and that’s not a terrible thing heading into Gainesville next weekend.

Florida State 48, Delaware State 6

And while I don’t know if my prediction will prove accurate, it’s already better than Andrew’s take on Casino.