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Jimbo Fisher is proud of FSU playing well in all three phases vs. Delaware State

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Fisher thought the ’Noles, “Played a complete game.”

Florida State v Clemson Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Throughout the season, Florida State’s three units could never line up with eachother. When the offense played well, the defense and special teams units would falter. When the defense and special teams units played well, the offense was lackluster, and so on.

However on Saturday, the ’Noles dominated in all three facets, even though they should have vs. Delaware State.

“We played well, but we played well in all three phases. Scored on defense, special teams and we got field position. But at least it gives you confidence. You know you can execute.”

Fisher was also very happy for Justin Motlow to reach the end zone for the first time in his career.

“To go out there and do that and make a play — let me tell you something. I said this, there was a time he was having some time, he could play and help us...He works his tail off in practice, I mean, he is a constant team player, hustle player, his pride and joy to be at Florida State.

To be able to walk out there and score a touchdown on senior day like that for him, man, you can’t — you dont know how happy that makes me for him and his family.”

You can watch the full presser below: