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FSU’s Jimbo Fisher comments on Deondre Francois’ absence from home game

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Was less actually more?

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Florida State Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It was the feel-good game that Florida State fans had been waiting for throughout the disappointing 2017 season. Sure it was a win, which haven’t come easily of late, and yes, it was over lowly Delaware State, but it was also a blowout victory with no need to fade a last-second Hail Mary or hope for a missed field goal. It was much more of a three-hour exhalation, a celebration well timed to host both Homecoming and Senior Day.

And while the Seminole sideline reflected the festive atmosphere, not everyone was there for the party. Notably absent from the ’Nole sideline: injured starting quarterback Deondre Francois. Francois’ presence was still felt though— on social media, as he was posting on Snapchat from his hometown of Orlando during the game.

During Jimbo Fisher’s weekly Monday press conference yesterday, he was asked about Francois’ absence, and if there was a policy about injured players attending games or if it was simply a matter of player discretion. Fisher’s reply was terse: “Player discretion.”

If you’ve ever heard Fisher speak, you know that brevity is not exactly his strong suit. But I’m not interpreting Fisher’s curt reply. What may speak volumes instead is the rather audible silence where the typically loquacious Fisher usually expounds.

It just seems like this could have been such an easy cover for Fisher to make. He could have said that Francois had a doctor’s appointment. Or that he had early Thanksgiving plans. Even the general “family issues” would have been something.

Nope. “Player discretion.” Basically, “his call.” It’s yet another curious wrinkle in this helter-skelter season. When things began falling off for the Seminoles, Fisher exhorted fans to keep showing up to cheer on the team. Now, not even his starting quarterback is obliging. And, evidently, Fisher didn’t feel like explaining it away— interpret that as you will.