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Running down history: Cam Akers chasing Dalvin Cook’s FSU freshman rushing record

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Some positive history could be made in an otherwise forgettable season.

NCAA Football: Delaware State at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

This could be close. A couple games ago, Cam Akers looked like a sure thing to surpass Dalvin Cook as Florida State’s most prodigious freshman rusher of all-time. But much like the Seminoles making a bowl game this season, this will come down to the last couple of games.

Akers had just 40 yards on the ground against the stout defense of Clemson, and totaled only 44 vs. Delaware State— not because the Hornets are any good, but because of how quickly FSU was able to blow them out and give others a chance to tote the rock. That gives him 780 on the season, 228 shy of the 1,008-yard frosh record that Cook set in 2014.

So he’ll need to average 114 yards per game against Florida and Louisiana-Monroe to catch Cook. That’s well within the realm of possibility, as their rushing defenses rank 61st and 120th (out of 130 FBS teams), respectively.

If the ’Noles are able to win out and make a bowl, Akers will have more time to break the record, of course. If he’s afforded three more games, he’ll need to average 76 yards per contest.