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FSU football sets new record for consecutive wins over Florida

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Some Seminole streaking.

Florida State v Florida Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

It’s been a rather rough year for the Seminoles, but they’re finishing it in style. Following a 71-point thrashing of Delaware State on Homecoming, Florida State traveled to Gainesville and recorded a 38-22 win over the Florida Gators.

The ’Noles are looking to keep a couple of big streaks going. After all, 40 consecutive winning seasons and 35 straight bowl appearances are on the line. But one new streak has now already been made in 2017: FSU has defeated UF for the fifth time in a row, a first in the history of the rivalry. And by getting it done in Hogtown, another first occurred in this heated rivalry: the Seminoles won four straight in Gainesville for the first time ever.

In a season riddled with the wrong kind of history for Florida State, creating some at the hands of its arch rival certainly can serve as a consolation of sorts.