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FSU linebacker breaks hand, plays Florida game in cast

You can’t put a cast on guts.

Box scores don’t always tell the story. And Florida State sophomore Josh Brown is a good example of that. Brown (6-3, 216) is a linebacker from Charlotte, North Carolina, who hasn’t gotten much burn on the defensive side of the ball this year for the ’Noles. But there are other, less quantifiable ways to chip in, as Brown demonstrated on Saturday against the Florida Gators in FSU’s 38-22 win over UF.

Like when he broke his hand making a tackle covering a first-quarter kickoff after FSU had gone up 7-0 on UF in Gainesville. Currently listed as the backup to senior Jacob Pugh at the Sam LB spot on Florida State’s depth chart, Brown has bided his time in a veteran linebacking corp, while still contributing on special teams. He registered two tackles against Wake Forest earlier this season.

And while a third coming in the regular season’s penultimate contest may not seem like much, Brown soldiering through thereafter with a cast speaks volumes about a young man who has most certainly not given up on this season for FSU. And frankly, there wasn’t much evidence of quit to be found anywhere on the Seminole sideline.