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Jimbo Fisher declines to comment to Florida State media, fans regarding Texas A&M

The coach has no answers for FSU media or fans.

NCAA Football: Chick-fil-A Kickoff-Alabama vs Florida State Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

At his press conference on Monday, Jimbo Fisher was asked numerous times about the latest rumors that have the eighth-year head coach connected to the vacancy at Texas A&M. He continued his trend of electing not to comment on the subject.

Jimbo, obviously you’ve made it a point you’re not going to comment on jobs (with the media). What do you tell your players?

JF: We’re playing. Control what you can control and get ready to play this weekend vs. ULM. I’m coaching them right now, lets go.

When asked what he would tell loyal Florida State football fans right now, he declined to comment.

And also, to your fans. Because you can speak to your fans. When’s the right time to speak about.... (Gets cut off)

JF: I’m not going to speak about jobs right now.

Fisher was also very brief when asked why he continues to not respond despite the attention he receives from that choice.

What’s the thought process behind (not commenting)? It seems to create a lot of controversy.

JF: I just don’t talk about it.

Do your players come up and ask you frequently about these jobs? Or do they ask you at all?

No. (Long pause) I’m always honest with them.

Fisher did, however, give an answer when asked if his decision to not comment on the matter negatively affects FSU’s recruiting efforts.

No. We've recruited well since I've been here, haven't we?

Seemingly the only thing that will force Fisher to comment on the situation is if he ultimately decides to leave Florida State.