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Fan pushed, ejected from coaches show for asking Jimbo Fisher about loyalty

One fan managed to ask a question about Texas A&M. It did not end well for him.

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Update: Florida State has released a statement on the incident, though it does not say much.

“We are aware of the unfortunate incident that occurred at the Jimbo Fisher Call-in Show last evening. We will review the matter thoroughly with all involved and have no further comment at this time.”

Despite the recent rumblings between Jimbo Fisher, Florida State, and Texas A&M, the head coach still held his weekly call-in-show on Wednesday night.

Through the first 45 minutes of the program, he was asked a plethora of questions, however none regarding the coaching vacancy at Texas A&M. As the show does screen calls, the only realistic way for Fisher was to be asked in-studio, or over the phone with the caller faking their question to the call.

Well, 45 minutes into the show, the former finally happened. A member of the audience talked about Fisher’s loyalty to Florida State. He was able to get away his question of, “Where’s the loyalty Jimbo?“ before being promptly shoved away from the microphone, and ejected from the facility. The whole altercation was roughly 30-45 seconds. It was the only question all show regarding those rumors.

You can see a video of the full question and altercation below.

Most in the crowd booed the audience member as he was escorted out of the Sheraton, and Gene Deckerhoff tried to diffuse the situation by saying, “The loyalty is here every Wednesday night!”

Fisher, meanwhile, just laughed and say, “That’s alright” and waited to move on to the next caller.

Outside of that moment, the Call-In Show was very subdued and those asking questions stuck to football and Xs and Os. Fisher got two questions from children - one about how the coach motivates the players before the game and the other about running trick plays against ULM - and Big Mike from Jacksonville opened the show as always with his stat of the week, which was that ULM has the 22nd-ranked scoring offense in the country.

Other highlights included:

** Discussion about the use of the numbers 35 and 40 to motivate the team for the rest of the season. “35” is for 35 years and references the FBS-record bowl game streak, and “40” represents the number of consecutive winning seasons for the Seminoles. Fisher said the goal is to keep those streaks alive.

** Sod Talk this week before the ULM game will feature former FSU wideout Kez McCorvey and former defensive lineman Derrick Alexander coming back to Tallahassee to relive some glory days

** How Florida State is preparing for the same team twice and whether the game plan changes. Fisher said it does because they’re a different team in Week 3 than they were in Week 2, and that “some adjustments have been made.”

** What a treasure senior running back Ryan Green has been to the program. Jimbo praised him for what felt like five minutes, saying: “Ryan will hopefully have a chance at the next level. Very athletic. He’s a great young man. Comes from a great family that stayed real involved in his academics. You don’t get kids like him very often. He was pretty good on defense too. He could make it on defense. So athletic.”

** Whether Florida State ever heard back from the SEC officiating office on why Dontavious Jackson was ejected against Florida. Fisher said he hadn’t. “No I did not. It should not have been done. And we have a few other things we never heard back from the SEC on too,” he said.

Fisher may stay. And as we’ve discussed, he may go, and the hunt for a new head coach will be on. Whatever happens, we’ll have you covered.