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FSU vs. Syracuse: Staff predictions

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Who ya got?

Florida State v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Our staff picks feature mostly doom, with a little gloom sprinkled in for balance. Here goes.

Juan Montalvo III:

Jim Brown ain’t walking through that door.

Larry Csonka ain’t walking through that door.

Marvin Harrison ain’t walking through that door.

Unfortunately, Charles Kelly, Rick Trickett, and Randy Sanders are walking through that door.

Northern Yankee Hoop Legends 34, Frenchtown Big Bend Trotters 17

no but seriously dungey isn’t that good, FSU isn’t that bad, and it’ll be an awful game to watch. Noles 27, Cuse 24. I’m literally going to be staying up until 4 AM in Shanghai to see the end. Last time I was up that late in Shanghai watching FSU football, the Seminoles lost by about 69 points to Louisville, so I’ll be wrong.


At this point, can you really pick Florida State in any game? I mean Steve Addazio had to run the clock out against FSU last week. STEVE ADDAZIO!!!

Syracuse will get in over 80 plays and wear down the already beaten-down defense. FSU will struggle on offense again. But hey, at least we may get a stirring post-game Dino speech.

Syracuse 31

FSU 20


I said last week that FSU/BC would set CFB back a few decades. In hindsight, mostly just FSU.

So keep fading the ’Noles, right? Wrong.

I’ve got FSU in a nice comeback game fresh off a program-humiliating loss.

I know, the trend is against FSU right now. And I don’t have much insight into the specifics. Call it a hunch.

FSU 30, SYR 23

Dakota Moyer:

Do I have to make a prediction for this game?


Well, it’s parents weekend, and the stands at Doak Campbell Stadium will be (sort of) full, so that’s a good thing. Remember to wear sunscreen, folks, as the seats in the stadium reflect the sun’s rays and you don’t want to be partying on a Saturday night with a sunburn. Trust me.

Make sure to keep hydrated as well. You can usually get water in the stadium, but the tactic that we used was emptying out a water bottle and they’ll let you bring it into the stadium. Or sneak it in by hiding it in you shoes, pants, etc. You can also sneak booze into the stadium this way, but I’m not condoning it.

Food suggestions. Hit up Madison Social beforehand. Their BLT dip is amazing and they serve great drinks as well. Don’t buy food in the stadium, but if you absolutely have to, run to the concession stands right before halftime. If there’s like four minutes on the clock, you’re golden to get a pretzel or hot dog or whatever.

Afterwards, head over to a local microbrewery. A bunch of great beers on tap. Plus, they have outdoor patio areas to help you enjoy this great weather.

That about wraps it up...

Wait, the game?

What game?

Oh, that game.

Florida State 27, Syracuse 24

Kyle Griffis:

Syracuse’s high-tempo offense will run roughly 30 more plays than FSU’s slow-ass offense, and the confused, exhausted, and checked-out FSU defense will not make much of an effort to get lined up or make stops. I’m not a mathematician, but 30 x 6 pts. equals approximately 180. Frankly I would love to see Eric Dungey high-kick half of the FSU coaching staff during this game. Parents Weekend still won’t be able to mask 30,000 empty seats in Doak or the collective disappointment in seeing 2+ punt returns fumbled inside the 5.

Syracuse 180, FSU 3

Matt Minnick:

The fans who show up to Doak Campbell will be treated to an up-tempo, exciting offense that lights up the scoreboard. Unfortunately, it’s the Orange offense.

If you want to see FSU win ACC games at home this year, you need to attend some hoops games.

Syracuse 37, FSU 17


It’s crazy that we’re at this point but I don’t see this going very well for FSU. The offense is still injured and lethargic and the defense is still healthy and lethargic. Syracuse plays at break-neck speed leading the nation in plays per game while relying heavily on winning one-on-one match-ups outside with Steve Ishmael and the QB run game with Eric Dungey.

So we’ve got heavy, heavy tempo, a big physical wide receiver that hasn’t been covered yet and heavy QB-run action; aka your recipe for a Charles Kelly coordination disaster. Oh yeah FSU’s offense still hasn’t scored 30 points yet this year and only has 11 total touchdowns.

Syracuse 34 FSU 23


Orange you glad it’s basketball season?? Sorry, I know, low-hanging fruit.

Syracuse 37, FSU 27


Curt Weiler:

Is Florida State exponentially more talented than Syracuse? Absolutely.

However, after last week’s debacle, my faith in siding with the Seminoles will be extremely limited until this team shows signs of life.

Syracuse 27

FSU 13


Florida State continues to be favored against ACC opponents. Why? Talent? Talent is an awesome commodity to have. Coaches work a ridiculous amount of time to make sure talented players come to FSU. It’s a shame that the product on the field doesn’t match the work put into this program by the boosters, fans, volunteers, and the coaching staff in the off season. Maybe BC provided the Wake Forest 30-0 moment of darkness Florida State coaches, boosters, and administration needed. Change, or continue to rot. Unfortunately, the season isn’t over. The Orange come in with a mobile QB and a quick pace offense. FSU is favored. Again.

Syracuse 34

FSU 20

David Visser

When things improved defensively last season, they did so largely because of the Seminoles facing fewer fast-paced offenses with mobile QBs. The D looked better, but FSU’s ability to shutdown those kinds of attacks has still not been proven. And since my logic approaching predictions for the last few weeks has been not to give Florida State the benefit of the doubt until it has earned it, and nobody goes faster than the Orange, I’m not going to assume that the ’Noles have suddenly figured things out— on either side of the ball.

Syracuse 30 FSU 20

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