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Multiple planes linked to Texas A&M flying from Tallahassee to College Station Friday

Two planes are slated to fly from Tallahassee to College Station tomorrow. One is owned by a member of Texas A&M’s board of regents.

ACC Championship - Florida State v Virginia Tech Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Update: The flight originally scheduled for 4:45 am was pushed back to 6:15 am.

Update: There is now a second plane listed on, scheduled for 12 p.m. departure Friday from Tallahassee for College Station. The listed airline? Mayfair Investments, LLC, whose chairman and CEO is Robert L. Albritton, a member of Texas A&M’s board of regents.

This plane, listed as a Gulfstream G-7, a twin jet, would make far more sense for transporting Fisher than the early-morning plane.

Original Post: The Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M rumors just got some more legs. Actually, it’d be more accurate to say that they got wings. According to, a Mitsubishi MU-2 will depart the Tallahassee International Airport at 4:45 on Friday morning. The MU-2 is a small twin turboprop private plane. Its destination? College Station, Texas, home of Texas A&M University. Its owner? A prominent Texas A&M donor.

A&M, of course, has been courting FSU Head Coach Jimbo Fisher, and while we cannot yet confirm that Jimbo Fisher will be on the flight, it has become common practice of fans and media to track flights from college town to college town in coaching search season.

The plane, a Mitsubishi Solitaire with FAA registration N4WD, is owned by Hat Creek Aviation LLC/John E Richardson of Bellville, TX, 24 miles from the Brenham, TX airport from which the plane departed for Kissimmee yesterday. The plane departs tonight for Tallahassee.

The plane’s owner, John E. Richardson, is a notable booster for Texas A&M University. He and his wife established an Aerospace Engineering scholarship for students affiliated with the military. Per A&M’s website:

John E. Richardson and his wife Susan created the Susan D. and John E. Richardson ’71 Scholarship for junior or senior level students in the Department of Aerospace Engineering. The scholarship, established through the Texas A&M Foundation, will benefit students who are either a member of the Corps of Cadets, a U.S. military veteran or a child of a veteran per the request of the Richardsons.

Below are the flight details.