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FSU vs. Delaware State game time announced

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Look, ma! No fans!

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

There’s one more home game left in Florida State’s highly forgettable 2017 season, and with a win over the Delaware State (looks up team mascot) Hornets, the Seminoles can double their win total in Doak Campbell Stadium this year from one to a robust two.

Saturday, November 18 is the date for this final home ’Nole engagement, and DSU vs. FSU sounds like an accurate forecast of the grade that could characterize the crowd to attend this one, which has officially been announced as a noon kickoff.

This is a rather fitting game-time with which the Seminoles will wrap up the less-than-ideal kickoff slots that have plagued not only fans but local business throughout this disappointing campaign. Early starts don’t help the area financially— but primetime games are typically saved for winning teams that people actually want to, you know, watch. We’ll see how many are in the stands to take in this one.