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FSU football rescheduling Louisiana-Monroe game

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The significance of this throwaway contest sure has changed.

Miami v Florida State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

When the Seminoles’ home opener against Louisiana-Monroe was called off due to Hurricane Irma, most figured that it was the last we’d hear about it. After all, it was one of the least remarkable games on Florida State’s impressive schedule and would have very little to do with FSU’s shot at the College Football Playoff or an ACC Championship.

But with those goals no longer on the horizon, priorities have shifted. The only discernible goal left for Florida State is to extend its streak of making bowl games, which seemed a given at the season’s onset. However, at 3-5 and with several winnable games remaining, the realists within the program have come to understand that gaining the six wins necessary to secure a bowl appearance is still a possibility.

To that end, we’ve learned that FSU has rescheduled the ULM game for December 2nd at noon. That’s the date of the ACC Title Game in Charlotte, but the ’Noles won’t be earning an invitation to that showdown, so they may as well get in one more cupcake game in an attempt to go bowling once again.