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Florida State selling Jimbo Fisher's iconic golf cart

Swag Cart stays In Tallahassee.

Jimbo Fisher Golf Cart
Curt Weiler, Tomahawk Nation

The staff here at Tomahawk Nation has been on top of the Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M Story from day one. We have covered such important topics as tracking airplanes from College Station and the need for a Chili’s to help Fisher succeed as coach.

Now that Fisher took one of these planes to Texas A&M, his ground based modes of transport have been left behind. Many FSU fans will recognize Jimbo’s golf cart:

Tomahawk Nation reached out to the seller of the golf cart, who confirmed it is indeed still for sale.

Jimbo Fisher used the golf cart to drive important recruits around campus during recruiting weekends and his summer time Jimbo Fisher camps. This legacy of Fisher’s tenure is now for sale. The golf cart appears to retain all its notable components - flashy rims, Ford Super Duty issue side view mirrors, and FSU livery.

If you’re an interested fan, you can own a memory of the Jimbo Fisher era!