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Willie Taggart era brings relaxation, energy to Florida State practice

The new era has brought with it a new vibe on the practice field.

NCAA Football: Florida State-Willie Taggart Press Conference Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

With a new coaching regime, some changes are obviously going to come to a program’s practice regimen and routines.

Although Willie Taggart is not yet leading full practices as his staff is still being filled in and he has been on the road recruiting, the changes that are coming with him at the helm of the program are already evident.

“It’s definitely more energetic,” starting center Alec Eberle said of the difference in practice since Taggart took over. “Guys are trying to have more fun, coaches are trying to make it more fun for us.”

“It’s a way different vibe,” wide receiver Nyqwan Murray said. “Everybody is more laid back, more relaxed. We get through practice smoother.”

One major difference is evident just from walking within earshot of FSU’s practice facility in the afternoon. Where once there was pumped-in crowd noise, if any artificial noise whatsoever, music can now be heard when the Seminoles are at work.

“The music is a nice addition,” defensive tackle Wally Aime said. “With the music, you can see the better mood in people, the better vibe on the field. People are a lot more energized. Coach Taggart says he doesn’t like boring practices so I feel like the players feel the same way. It’s bringing a lot more energy to the team.”

“Sometimes where your energy lacks in practice, you know music may be that extra jolt of energy you need to keep you pushing through,” running back Jacques Patrick said. “Not saying music will make you practice better, but it can be an energy boost for anyone that needs it.”

Only time will tell how things shift again when Taggart has taken over for interim head coach Odell Haggins and is leading practice himself, but the early returns from those participating are overwhelmingly positive.