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Willie Taggart looking to fill #Tribe18 with quality, not quantity

“We have to make sure we have the right guys.”

NCAA Football: Florida State-Willie Taggart Press Conference Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

On the first day of early signing period, Florida State had four commitments make it official and sign letters of intent.

Granted, one of those commitments was a five-star safety, but it was a far cry from what other teams were accomplishing around the nation. Georgia loaded up on five-stars, Alabama continued to sign talented players, and rival Clemson inked two Top-10 recruits before breakfast.

For Florida State fans, this might come as a shock. After all, new head coach Willie Taggart was billed as an ace recruiter, able to get talent at places like South Florida and Oregon.

But Taggart is not worried, and neither should fans be. In his press conference today, he was quite adamant that Florida State would finish with a solid recruiting class.

The situation that Taggart walked into at Florida State was less than ideal. He was officially hired on December 5th, and the early signing period began on the 20th, giving him and his incomplete staff less than two weeks to salvage the recruiting class.

A recruiting class that, by the way, was severely neglected by the previous coaching staff.

So for Taggart, signing four kids on the first day of the new early signing period isn’t a strike against his record. After all, this signing period lasts until Friday, and the February period still exists as well. Florida State’s new coaching staff will have plenty of time to regroup and find its rhythm.

Even more encouraging is the fact that Taggart seems to understand the dynamics of this year’s class, how it will not be a super large group of signees.

This quote speaks volumes. For many programs around the country, it would be far too easy to sign a bunch of lower-ranked recruits in this early signing period and call it a day. Florida State, currently ranked as the 44th recruiting class in the nation, could have taken the commitments from several three-star athletes and bumped its ranking.

With the new early signing period, schools across the country are going to look to sign their entire class immediately. Unfortunately, Florida State was not one of those schools this year. But Taggart is still an ace recruiter, and his coaching staff, once fully assembled, will work to complete #Tribe18 before February rolls around.