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Florida State truly is Willie Taggart’s dream job

The childhood FSU fan has come home.

Southern Utah v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

For Florida State’s new football coach Willie Taggart, not only is FSU a destination job, as it would be for any coach. It’s his dream job.

Taggart, who grew up in Bradenton, Florida, played at Manatee High School before playing his college football at Western Kentucky. Born in 1976, Taggart’s youthful years coincided with Florida State’s emergence on the national level. This enthralled him as a fan. From Sports’ Illustrated’s Bruce Feldman’s story on the hire:

The 41-year-old Taggart was very happy with his situation in Oregon, sources told SI, but he just couldn’t resist the opportunity to return home to coach Florida State, the team he rooted for growing up in Bradenton, Fla., back in the days of Warrick Dunn, Charlie Ward and Amp Lee. Taggart’s mother and most of his family still live in Florida.

In fact, it was reported earlier this week that Taggart told his Oregon team that FSU is his dream job in a team meeting.

Per Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times, Taggart’s love for Florida State is familial.

His family members were such big FSU fans, in fact, that when Taggart’s USF team took on FSU in 2016, his brother and some other family members showed up to the game in Florida State apparel. He asked them to change and they apologized, but refused, per Steven Godfrey of SB Nation.