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Odell Haggins, FSU players talk about their introductions to Willie Taggart

Meeting him with a round of applause in his first meeting with the team, Willie Taggart’s early impression at FSU has been a strong one.

NCAA Football: Florida State-Willie Taggart Press Conference Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

New Florida State football coach Willie Taggart will be spending most of his time over the next few weeks working on the Seminoles’ 2018 recruiting class while FSU prepares for its bowl game.

However, he did take time to introduce himself to the team before his formal introduction to the media and the fanbase on Wednesday.

Suffice it to say, he made a strong impression after he was greeted by a round of applause from the team.

“Very outgoing guy, upbeat, kind of rolling with the new generation so he understands it,” FSU running back Jacques Patrick said. “He came in with a lot of energy. I liked the messages he brought to us. Great first impression.”

“I like the way he connected to every player just talking about his background, how he always wanted to be a ’Nole,” sophomore cornerback Levonta Taylor said. “Just happy for him to come in here and bring some swag to the program.”

Added defensive tackle Demarcus Christmas: “He’s about his players, he’s about what he talks. I feel that he’s a great coach.”

Interim head coach Odell Haggins has spent a bit more time with the new head coach than the players. He traveled to Georgia on a recruiting trip with Taggart and offensive line coach Rick Trickett on Thursday.

“Coach Taggart, he’s a unique guy in the living room. He goes out there, he’s honest, he’s sincere and he’s very authentic talking to parents,” Haggins said of Taggart as a recruiter. “He has a catching personality and he’s a very honest person. He can look you in the eyes and talk to you.”

Taggart will not be leading practice over the coming weeks leading up to FSU’s Independence Bowl, but Haggins did say that he will be observing from the sidelines when he is not on the trail.

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