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Recapping Dalvin Cook’s day at ESPN

A long and busy day— but a good one.

Capitol One Orange Bowl - Florida State v Michigan Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

Florida State running back Dalvin Cook made his rounds at ESPN on Thursday, appearing on what is typically known as the “carwash,” the network’s lineup of morning and daytime talk shows. In case you missed it, because, I don’t know, you have a life, I went ahead and filled up my DVR so I could check out Cook’s appearances. While trying to stay away from some of the more cliched responses, I’ve compiled a list of bullet-point highlights from Cook’s day in Bristol.

  • Things got started on Mike & Mike, where Cook received some glowing praise from both Greeny and Golic. The latter, while expressing concern about Cook’s ability to run inside, nevertheless characterized No. 4 as “the prototypical NFL back of today,” while the former predicted that Cook would be next season’s Offensive Rookie of the Year.
  • On SportsCenter, Cook mentioned his versatility and toughness as reasons that he was this year’s premier back, at which point his ability to heal up earned him the nickname of “The Miami Wolverine.” Also discussed was Cook’s incredible recognition time while toting the rock, the fastest such time ever measured by ESPN’s Sport Science, as well as his plan to watch the draft from home in Miami with friends and family, including his newborn child.
  • On First Take, Cook modified Golic’s compliment in referring to himself as “today’s back,” stating that his vision was his strongest trait and comparing his game most closely to that of a healthy Jamaal Charles.
  • Cook did a nice job of selling his selflessness on NFL Insiders, discussing his decision to play in the Orange Bowl while Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey sat out of their respective bowl games. He said he played for his teammates and for Florida State. Cook was also asked what he’d be doing if it weren’t for football, and said that it’d have to be something “hands on,” perhaps “building cars.”
  • On NFL Live, Jerome Bettis advised Cook about ball security issues, advising him never to switch the ball between arms until he was on the sideline and in space. Bettis also disagreed with Golic’s earlier concerns about Cook’s inside-running ability, praising that aspect of his game. Cook finished the show by serving the analysts peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, as his Grandma Betty used to do for all of those on his football teams growing up. Cook specified that strawberry jelly was his favorite.
  • But perhaps the most lively Cook got occurred when he was shown video of FSU teammate DeMarcus Walker’s “entertaining” first pitch at the other night’s Seminole baseball game. Check it out: