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Nolecast Mailbag: Which future game should Florida State football schedule?

Taking questions from the listeners.

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NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Ohio State vs Clemson Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with another episode of the Nolecast.

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Listener questions

We answered these in roughly this order. These are not copy edited, and are mostly just pasted from Twitter and email.

  • What are your favorite things to use Louisiana Hot Sauce on other than the obvious
  • Any update on roster happenings?
  • Who locks down starting CB spot opposite of McFadden this year.
  • ”Overall, I’d probably go 1) Clemson, 2) Miami, 3) FSU, 4) NC State, 5) Va Tech right now, but BC is solid, Lou & WF wild cards w/new DCs” — Thoughts on David Hale’s defense ranking on twitter?
  • Who is the most intriguing freshmen that hasn't played in the spring that could compete for playing time?
  • What are your thoughts on M Zaire to Go Gata? Does it effect their win share? How much? Are they a threat in the Swamp?
  • How badly do you think Jimbo wants to beat Bama? Where does this rank on his personal desires scale? Beneath NatCh but above rivals? Lower?
  • Hypothetical: How bad of a CFB team could you put Tom Brady on and still have odds against the field of winning NC?
  • Do you foresee FSU using more two TE sets in the first part of the season to help out in the run game and in pass pro?
  • Do you see George Campbell ever breaking out and becoming the deep ball threat this team needs?
  • How important are shoe companies in recruiting for schools?
  • Outside of rivals(Miami, UF and Clemson) and Bama, who is the toughest matchup for us this season, Louisville(qb) or NC State(front 7)?
  • Do you think FSU will have another Louisville game or will we make sure that everyone knows there job.
  • Who would you like to see FSU face in a week 1 neutral site game?
  • How do you foresee the carry distribution between Patrick and Akers? Keep Patrick in short yardage roles or do we get split backfields, touches
  • What attributes distinguish strong side linebacker prospects from weak side ones? Free safety vs strong safety? (PS: living in NY, love the Nolecast as a way to stay in touch with the team. Awesome job you guys do!)
  • How good do u think James Blackman can be?? And IF FSU were 2 get Justin Fields do u think he passes him??