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Florida State football participates in Lift for Life

The team has nearly met its $5,000 goal for Uplifting Athletes.

On Tuesday afternoon, Florida State participated in its annual Lift for Life event which raises money for children fighting rare diseases and is partnered with Kidz1stFund.

The players on the team took to the indoor practice facility and competed in drills and relays against teammates in fellow, and opposing position groups.

There was a tire flip competition that required players to alternate flipping a tire for 50 yards downfield. As you can see early in this video, freshman DT Marvin Wilson showed off his talent.

Next, players participated in a dumbbell relay race, with each participant carry a set of 50 lb. dumbbells, racing to a cone and back for the next player to go.

In another relay race, players had to drag a sled to themselves using a rope, and then proceed to push the sled back to its original position.

In the next group of activities, a golf cart pushing race was in order.

Lastly, players lined up as they did for the dumbbell race, and instead had to throw a ball from one line and back.

Just when it seemed like the event was over, there was a 12-on-12 tug-o-war matchup like you’ve never seen before.

Former FSU RB Dalvin Cook was back in Tallahassee for the event. Look for a full interview with Cook coming Wednesday morning.

After the event was over, Jimbo Fisher and Alec Eberle, president of FSU’s Uplifting Athletes chapter, spoke about the event. According to the lineman, the team was just short of its $5,000 goal before he checked prior to the event.