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Florida State has No. 4 most favorable odds to make the college football playoff

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Alabama, Ohio State, and USC have better odds according to Vegas.

NCAA Football: Florida State Spring Game Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Monday, online casino Bet Online released some prop bets on the college football playoff. It offers players the chance to wager “yes” or “no” on whether about 30 teams will make the college football playoff.

Unsurprisingly, the limits on these are low, so you won’t get rich playing them. But they are fun to look at.

Only one team is more likely to make then miss, according to the odds.

That team is Alabama, at -195 to make, and +165 to miss. No surprise, here. Alabama is on a ridiculous run over the last decade, and has made every playoff so far.

With Alabama having arguably the best coach in college football history, and a ridiculously talented roster, it is to be expected, especially with a lot of good, but perhaps no other super teams in the SEC. Auburn and LSU are next in the league at +450. Florida and Georgia are at +800.

Based on the odds, the only team that should be expected to make the playoff, according to Vegas, is Alabama.

Four teams are between 2.5/1 and 3.5/1 to make it.

Ohio St. (+140 to make, -170 to miss)
USC (+150 to make, -180 to miss)
Florida State (+155 to make, -185 to miss)
Oklahoma (+250 to make, -325 to miss)

The odds for these four teams, including Florida State, are a lot worse than those of Alabama. But they are also substantially higher than the next group of teams (LSU, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Penn State, Washington, and Wisconsin).

What stands out about Florida State in this group is that the Seminoles are the only team of the top four which will play a game in which they are a clear underdog (against Alabama, which is favored by a touchown). Alabama, Ohio State, and USC all could conceivably be favored in all 12 of their games.

We recently asked whether FSU could lose two games and still make the college football playoff, with many being skeptical.