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FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher explains how karate helps linemen

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Hear Jimbo Fisher after Florida State’s Thursday practice.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher spoke following Thursday’s practice and offered some updated.

The head coach confirmed redshirt freshman offensive lineman Baveon Johnson was dealing with an injury, but did not get any more specific than that. He was not a participant in practice on Thursday, Tuesday or last Sunday.

Fisher was then asked about how karate can help offensive linemen. The head coach went on to answer that it not only helps the offensive front, but defensive front as well. The explanation was that it hones the players’ hand motions and allows them to swat and knock down the opposing lineman’s hands.

The head coach also talked about how pleased he is with Keith Gavin, calling him a warrior and saying he would, “Take a zillon,” of Keith Gavins.

You can watch the post practice Jimbo Fisher interview in its entirety below:

Alternatively, you can click this link and watch it here.

Florida State Seminoles Football head coach Jimbo Fisher following Thursday's practice.

Posted by on Thursday, August 17, 2017