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The Alabama ticket is more expensive than the other 11 FSU games...combined

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The latest ticket prices for the “Greatest Opener of All-Time.”

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In one of the most highly anticipated college football games in recent memory, Florida State faces Alabama on September 2nd in Atlanta. Both teams are projected to be ranked inside the top-5, putting tickets in very high demand.

As of August 1st, the cheapest ticket for the first game at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium is $704 on Stubhub. For that same price, you could buy two tickets to every Florida State home game ($280, total) and buy an extra pair for the game vs. Louisville (totaling $700).

Up for an adventure? The cheapest lower bowl ticket for Florida State vs. Alabama is listed for $800. For that price, you could buy a ticket to FSU’s other 11 games for only $587 and possibly still have enough money ($223) for a flight and ticket to the bowl game.

The cheapest sideline ticket near the 50-yard line will cost you about $1,250. If you live in Tallahassee, you would still spend less money if you factored in gas driving round trip to those 11 games — including BC. With fuel factored in, the package would cost $1,064 ($587 for the tickets, $477 for gas).

As of August 14th, the Florida State vs. Alabama average ticket resale price on Stubhub reached $845 according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, highest among any 2017 College Football season opening game. Second on that list is Florida vs. Michigan’s showdown in Dallas with an average resale price of $259, more than three times less expensive than Florida State’s opener. The ’Noles vs. Bama game is more than five times as expensive as the No. 3 game on that list, Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia which has an average resale ticket price of $168.

Would you rather see FSU play Alabama live, or see the other 11 games which include the Seminoles taking on the Hurricanes in Doak Campbell Stadium, a battle with the Clemson Tigers in Death Valley, a redemption game in Tallahassee against Louisville, and a trip to The Swamp to play the Gators?

The choice is yours.