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Uncharacteristically, FSU’s Jimbo Fisher names starters at two key offensive positions to open fall camp

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Stating truth or sending signals?

Florida State Spring Game Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher is a big fan of letting fall camp play out to decide position battles. And for good reason. Fisher likes to see what new additions have brought to the table, as well as how returning Seminoles have improved themselves over the offseason. But in his 2017 season-opening press conference on Tuesday, Fisher made some bold proclamations about a couple of key spots on the FSU offense.

Despite numerous predictions that redshirt-freshman Josh Ball would land the crucial starting role at left tackle, Fisher, on Tuesday, said that senior Rick Leonard “is going to be starting. Ricky will be there,” while also downplaying the role of the ever-evolving LT position.

Behind the offensive line, myriad questions have been posed with regard to FSU’s starting running back, as many saw true freshman Cam Akers, the top recruit at his position, nationally, getting the nod. Yet Fisher was steadfast in his announcement that bruising junior RB Jacques Patrick had earned the starting nod. Said Fisher, when asked if this year’s backfield would be one played by a committee: “No, Jacques Patrick is the starting back.”

Of course, especially in fall camp, anything is subject to change. But of note here is Fisher’s initial and deliberate certainty. Which begs the questions: is Fisher that secure in these key decisions, or is he looking to motivate others competing for these positions? Time — and the remainder of fall camp — will tell.

If you’d like to hear Fisher’s words for yourself, we’ve got you covered, right here.