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Brian Burns feels FSU’s defense is prepared for Jalen Hurts’ mobility

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Lessons learned from last season have the Seminoles ready for Alabama’s dual-threat quarterback.

The last time Florida State went up against a competent mobile quarterback, it didn’t go so well, as I’m sure you all regrettably remember.

Lamar Jackson, the eventual Heisman winner, led Louisville to a runaway victory over the Seminoles in a game which brought FSU’s 2016 expectations crashing down to Earth.

Now, a number of overlapping injury issues among FSU’s best defensive weapons played a bigger role in this game than we knew at the time, but it still remains a factor in FSU’s opening game against Alabama.

Will the Seminoles be able to limit what Hurts can do on the ground and force the inconsistent passer to rely on his arm?

Defensive end Brian Burns is confident that lessons learned from that matchup will help FSU be able to control Hurts.

“Just our gameplan,” Burns said, when prompted on how FSU is more prepared to handle a dual-threat quarterback. “Knowing what to do.”

Florida State Seminoles Football defensive end Brian Burns is aware of the challenge presented by a mobile quarterback like Alabama's Jalen Hurts.

Posted by on Thursday, August 24, 2017