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The best of each FSU jersey-number group: Final poll results revealed

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The polls are closed— for now.

Warrick Dunn #28...

We’ve had a lot of fun this summer debating the best FSU football players to wear a jersey number in each group of 10, and it’s now time to make your votes official. Included below are the champion and runner-up from each number slot— you can click on the entries to view the exact percentages achieved by each Seminole; you may be surprised by some of these totals, one of which was determined by fewer than 10 votes:

1st Place: No. 90, DE Derrick Alexander

2nd Place: No. 95, DE Bjoern Werner

1st Place: No. 80, WR Rashad Greene

2nd Place: No. 85, DE Andre Wadsworth

1st Place: No. 76, OT Walter Jones

2nd Place: No. 75, OL Cameron Erving

1st Place: No. 62, G Rodney Hudson

2nd Place: No. 64, G Jamie Dukes

1st Place: No. 50, DT Ron Simmons

2nd Place: No. 55, LB Marvin Jones

1st Place: No. 45, DL Darnell Dockett

2nd Place: No. 42, RB Amp Lee

1st Place: No. 34, WR Ron Sellers

2nd Place: No. 38, K Sebastian Janikowski

1st Place: No. 28, RB Warrick Dunn

2nd Place: No. 25, WR Fred Biletnikoff

1st Place: No. 17, QB Charlie Ward

2nd Place: No. 10, LB Derrick Brooks

1st Place: CB Deion Sanders

2nd Place: QB Jameis Winston

Alright, I know you must have issues with some of these outcomes. So let’s hear them in the comments. Which players got the shaft? Which votes should have been closer? Which Seminoles were over — and under — appreciated? Your comments could very well determine a future poll. Until then, I’d like to sincerely thank all of you who’ve been stalwart respondents and contributors to this series.

While this poll was not nearly as exhaustive as last summer’s number-by-number voting, it was certainly derived therefrom. I’ve taken a great deal of satisfaction in compiling this series, and even more pleasure in watching y'all respond with your varied and disparate opinions. This was a series intentionally timed to culminate prior to the 2017 regular season; and with Jimbo Fisher’s Alabama presser scheduled for Monday afternoon, folks, it looks like we made it. See you in the trenches.

And in Atlanta.